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  3. Software: OS: Windows 10 pro 64 version 21H2 Hosts: MAGIX SF PRO 15 build 161 & MAGIX Samplitude pro x 6 suite 
    Hardware: System 2016: INTEL CORE I7-5930K @ 3.5GHz, 32Gb RAM DDR4 2133MHz, MSI X99A SLI Krait edition, Radeon R7 370. System drive: Crucial P2 SSD 250Go Temporary drive: SSD Kingston SSDNow KC400 120Go Media drive (raid0): 2 HD WD black 2To Samples drive: SSD OCZ Vertex4 500Go Audio interface: RME Multiface II, AIO Controler: MACKIE MCU PRO, NOB control.

  4. Hello Kraznet.

    I have a problem with Samplitude Pro X6 Suite with Object FX.

    Namely, I watched the YouTube tutorial from Sound on Sound channel about Objecj FX. And I tried to do what is in the tutorial which is clearly explained and very simple. But unfortunately I could not because in Samplitude Pro X6 Suite there is a change in Object FX window which pops up after clicking with the right click mouse button on the effects switch on/off to bring up the pops up window, as it is in the YouTube tutorial made for Sund on Sound. I want to turn on the pre-fader delay effect for single word for Objest FX, the effect does break abruptly without pre-fader at the end, I need it to lasts  ( delay effect ) outside of the object. I can't open the pops up window with the setting to set the delay pre-fader effect, only pop up a small window where I can only change the order of the effects and not determine if the effect is pre-fader or post-fader. I've tried everything but nothing has worked. I need this function for mixing because it's really smart and I think it will save me a lot of time mixing. I include a link to the tutorial Sound on Sound. Please help.



    Kind regards


  5. I have just noticed a new problem for me (in X5) that wasn't there before and the plugins are defaulting to parameter dialog mode where it used to be plugin dialog mode. If I close out the plugin (and it remains on) every time I recall it, I have to hit F6. I also notice a problem where my space bar now works intermittently which is usually real intuitive for me. Anyone else?
  6. Since V16 you can choose a track or bus as input for another track. Now it is possible - but with limitations. No monitoring on this track, no peakmeter, just recording. It is still a feature in progress I hope. Georg
  7. I think your graphic card drivers are out of date or don't support your current OS.
  8. ¡Estoy de acuerdo! Tengo la misma dificultad. Estoy migrando desde Pro Tools y esto es un gran problema en mi forma de trabajar. ¡Muchos gracias!
  9. Thanks for the precious indications, Werner! I'll be careful to check all of them. P.S.: the results of your works that I had the opportunity to meet are very professional; nothing amateurish.
  10. Hi Johnny, as you know I'm just an amateur and for the most part only do my own small projects. That's why I don't use reference tracks, but often listen to tracks made by very experienced mastering engineers that I personally like. E.g. by the two Bobs (Ludwig and Ohlsson), Jürgen Koppers and Willem Makkee (both deceased). And for acoustic instruments, I like works by Hans-Jörg Mauksch and Günter Pauler (only 50 kilometers from Kassel). Greetings from the documenta15 city
  11. Thank you. The tuner in visualization shows the same results as the one in Vandal (pitch too low), without the exact amount of deviation. I always try to avoid pitch shift on audio, as this might result in quality loss. However, I would do this if there was no other solution. Fortunately, there is one: just use the "Cello" preset in Vita 2.
  12. @brmichael In the visualization window make a right click on a peak meter and select tuner. If the pitch is 20 cents too low, you could render the Cello to an audio file and pitch it up in the object editor.
  13. The Vandal tuner shows what I expected: pitch is too low. When playing a "C", the tuner shows "C -20" (with "-20" varying between -24 and - 19). I assume this means that pitch is 19-24 cents too low. Other notes like E are even lower (between -24 and -34). Is there any other tuner in Samplitude? If yes, how can I access it?
  14. @brmichael What does the Tuner window show if you play a long sustained note. The same pitch you play on your keyboard or is it too low?
  15. Hello, I noticed that Vita Cello (which comes with Samplitude Pro X6/X7) is pitched slightly to low. When combined with other instruments, it sounds out of tune. This can be corrected by moving the pitch wheel a tiny bit up (with pitch bend range set to 2 semitones, you have to move the pitch wheel up for about 10% of its full angle). But I can't imagine that this is supposed to be like that. The plugin also lacks a fine pitch control (the "Pitch" control in the plugin dialog actually works as a transpose control). This makes the plugin unusable. Fortunately there is a workaround: instead of using "Vita Cello", you can use "Vita 2" and select "Orchestral strings -> Cello" as a preset. This one is perfectly in tune. Has anyone else noticed this? Regards, Michael
  16. Also, mute the monitoring of your input channel in your sound card mixer/ control panel. It'll never sound good if you're hearing dry guitar alongside the Vandal tone. I dunno how your Behringer works, but MOTU has a CueMix app for that.
  17. I get best Vandal results with the Hybrid slider on the 4th notch. 256 on the asio buffer, and as low as possible on the VIP buffer. I can only get any good results if I do the guitars very early in the session. Too many tracks or VSTs kill the ability to play in real time as the load will cause you to increase the buffers thus increasing latency. Another Vandal tip is to not slam the input with your guitar signal. A JB or other hot bridge humbucker will likely need the pad engaged. With a little tweaking, Vandal is nearly good enough for final guitar takes (sorry guys, but my 5150 and my '74 Plexi have some kinda mojo the software doesn't yet get.) And it's certainly better than any other software amp I've played. It makes stunning demos.
  18. What a great name for a plugin..."Hey, I got CLAP!"
  19. CLAP is now official. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UktuhuADRuA
  20. Do you use reference tracks as a paradigm for your mixing and/or mastering? If so, please feel free to share the information on which reference you use for each musical genre you work with. For example, many mastering engineers consider AC/DC's "Back in Black" album to be a great reference for hard rock work. Leave your contribution here, whatever the musical genre you work with. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi there. Recently I have been unable to reply to a post or create a new one using Microsoft Edge. After typing and clicking "Submit Topic" or "Submit Reply", the message does not load and freezes. Something similar has also happened to me with Safari, in this case it was possible, but very slow. Has anyone had a similar problem? I am using Opera now. Thanks.
  22. I do not undertstand your question. Can you rephrase it, please? You can set the export to be whatever is sent to the main faders. So your two mono files, if panned L & R will do this. David
  23. please tell us what soft you use. Did you try to make a Samplitude project with your files ?
  24. Hi, i clicked Forgot your password? and the reset email comes immediately.
  25. Hi, I have been a Samplitude user since the days of SEK'D.... just paid for another upgrade, now on X7 For the last few months I have been trying to sign up to this site as I really need to access the knowledge of the community over a controller issue. I repeatedly try and contact the site administrators, detailing the sign up issues... I get no response. I have even written to Magix and proservice Can some on please help? Many Thanks Drew (ps admin - I have used my partners email address, because if I put mine in there is tells me I am already registered. If I go through the password reset process I am await confirmation, it never comes)
  26. Hi, I know how to export two mono files to one stereo. I want this with short parts of two long stereofiles (a concert recording of about 2 hours). Exporting to Wave, mp3, etc. gives the possibility to export just a range of these files. But, I cannot find the range option when exporting Mono >> Stereo. Thanks for your kind help. Koen
  27. Hi Craig, That should be Magix.info not .com Forum for MAGIX audio software
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