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  4. got it too yesterday... no aliens out there
  5. FIrefox also gave me a warning about the certificate recently, trying to give the impression that my computer would be invaded by aliens. I clicked through it -- and was disappointed when nothing unusual happened. David
  6. Their certificate for the website expired...it's not a big deal when it's a known OK site like this, they just need to update it...I'm sure eventually the webmaster will see it and fix it. I'm getting the same thing on my computer under IE.
  7. Hi there. Recently I got a warning from Microsoft Edge (Chromium) about this site: It's possibly to do something about it? Cheers!
  8. Coming from cubase, I had the opportunity to explore Seqouia. What is the key shortcut to equivalent of "Moving" an Object please?? In relation to the above question, there are many shortcuts for moving an object that I am using now, but while using the key shortcuts to move an object, the object doesn't seem to follow the snap value set for the project. But using my mouse the objects follow according to the snap value set. Confused! am I using the wrong keyboard shortcuts for moving?????
  9. Hello, converted an Instrument from Kontakt sampler to Independence sampler using Translator 7, and the problem is that after loading this instrument into Independence I have too high pitch on it, despite, the manually started sample plays normally. Could someone check this instrument, it's for the Independence sampler, thanks in advance. http://www.mediafire.com/file/z9bt4rvsdpqtaew/Program.zip/file
  10. Same problem here in ProX4
  11. Earlier
  12. Thnx for the reply. obviously that's what I do - change all the file names and folder names to english or numbers, but for some of my clients who like to take tracks home to edit, it's very frustrating. Any ideas, anyone? maybe a language pack that i missed...
  13. I think this is not only limited to Hebrew words: I regularly have problems with file names or folder names that I got from people e.g. from Czech Republic or Serbia where there are lots of "accents" on the characters. Samplitude refuses to import such files or to open or save in such folders. I usually rename them and use "simple" characters instead. But that's of course not very attractive when you would have many files to handle ...
  14. Hi, I cant seem to work with folders or file names in hebrew in my samplitude x4. just upgrade to x5 in hope that this will solve.
  15. This underscores once again why I love working with Samplitude. This is a great feature - truly great. Terry
  16. Yes, I have a fresh installation of the whole X3 suite; I just wonder what update patch works best for X3, the very last one, 518?
  17. Good to know kapilarya now. Is the main problem solved now?
  18. Danke Werner, freut mich dass Du mir helfen wolltest, das war in der Tat Arbeit. Aber es war nicht ganz so einfach wie Du beschreibst: Irgendwie waren keys in der registry im Klo. Hier Anweisungen, falls so was mal passiert: https://www.kapilarya.com/fix-an-error-is-preventing-this-key-from-being-opened SysinteralsSuite runterladen, dann dort rein CDen, cmd als admin starten, folgendes eingeben. psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe Dann kannst Du selbst jeden Key, auf den Du nicht (mal als admin) zugreifen kannst, ändern. Dann z.B., Administrators als owner eingeben. Full Control, etc, bla bla bla In English: If you ever run into an issue with access to registry keys being denied have a look at: https://www.kapilarya.com/fix-an-error-is-preventing-this-key-from-being-opened Download Microsoft's SysinteralsSuite, open cmd as admin, cd to that folder SysinteralsSuite folder and enter: psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe Fix you registry as you need, add "Administrators" as user with Full Control - AND STAY AWAY FROM REGISTRY CLEANERS, that's all BS and causes more harm than good. Cheers, Thomas Ps. Good to know about Everything, I am using Ultrasearch by https://www.jam-software.com/
  19. Sorry guys, I have to write this in german because I’m faster and more precise. But I know you can follow me. Ich bin zu 100% sicher, dass es sideeffects geben kann, wenn man versucht, die Independence Versionen untereinander auszutauschen. Bevor du das komplette System mit allen Programmen und Plugins neu installieren musst, schlage ich folgendes vor: Alle Independence Versionen über das alte Programme und Features Modul der alten Systemsteuerung löschen In der neuen Systemsteuerung unter Apps nochmal nachschauen, ob dort auch noch Einträge vorhanden sind. Dann nochmal deinstallieren Everything installieren. Das Programm ist viel schneller als Windows search https://www.voidtools.com In Everything nach Independence suchen, alle gefundenen files bzw.. Ordner löschen, auch die libraries. regedit.exe öffnen. Nach Independence suchen und jeden einzelnen Eintrag händisch löschen. Systemneustart Independence 3.5 oder 3.6 installieren. Beim ersten Insertieren des Plugins gegebenfalls aktivieren und die Library neu installieren Dann hoffen, dass es klappt. Aber es ist eine Menge Arbeit....
  20. When I try to re-install, I am receiving an error 1603, access to a key in the registry denied. I tried to claim permissions for that specific key by all means. No chance, no access. Because there is somewhere a 1 instead of a 0, I am not spending the next week to re-install a complete system. Thanks for helping TotteG
  21. New tutorial about Automation Shapes.
  22. I think the download from here is 3.5: https://www.magix.com/int/support/pro-audio-downloads/ As I recall there is 2 downloads: The VSTi software: MAGIX Independence Pro Standard The 70GB library: MAGIX Independence Pro Premium Suite
  23. I cannot re-install Independence from my DVD for the following reason. Any ideas? I would think the installer takes care of installing that RegInBundle.exe ?? I contacted customer support, will share what they advise.
  24. dunno, I don't have 3.5, 3.3 is what came with Sam X3 - will try instructions on the link you provided. Thanks!
  25. To bad Thomas ... why did you choose to revert to 3.3 and not 3.5? This link might help you out: https://www.magix.info/us/support/article/reinstalling-independence--647/
  26. curiosity killed the Cat. I tried to uninstall Independence 3.6, and revert to 3.3, errors errors errors, now I have neither. I am tired of this BS. No X5 and I am flushing X3 too, countless hours of troubleshooting, no more. I knew that I would end up like this. So sad.
  27. hmm, thanks, Thomas, 3.6 works fine in X3, I'll decide when I decide to upgrade to X5. Thomas
  28. Hello Kraznet,

    I have something holding me from using samplitude. Coming from cubase pro 10 here. 

    My problem is UNDO. When I do multiple undo's in  the midi editor,  the undo step includes mixer settings too. I never had such an experience when using multiple undo's in cubase. I believe that the mixer settings ( vol, pan, eq, insert) actions should not be included in the undo steps. please help me on this. 

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