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  3. Hello Terry, thanks for this great tip! I tried many hours to find the bug, but I wasn't succesful! And now all is okay, thank's o lot, I'm very happy. Greetings from Austria Egon
  4. Hi Sunshy, Try pressing F4. See pic. Regards, Kraznet
  5. I would like the cursor to rewind two seconds when I press play on the spacebar so I can check that my edit sounds natural. How do I set this or what feature should I look up? Thank you.
  6. Hi, I hang up at this post. I have been using Independence 70G for a very long time today in Pro X6. But ... I do not know how to do to see the version and are there updates?
  7. https://youtu.be/HuMm6-3ochY
  8. UPDATE: Success (32 bit) & Failure (64 bit). I have been able to get Independence Pro Premium library accessible on my Desktop PC. I followed the directions in the thread Terry links to above. I did NOT install along within the ProX 6 Suite install package. IOW, I ran all of the Independence files prior to installing ProX 6 Suite. However, I have already been there and done that and it doesn't make a difference. Standalone - The standalone version opens and runs great ONLY in the 32 bit version. When trying to run the 64 bit version, I get the infamous "can't find the file..." error. Within the 64 bit version, I also get an "Activate Independence Pro" button (doesn't show up in the 32 bit version). Pressing this button does nothing but change color when pushed - it doesn't initiate activation whatsoever. This doesn't show up within Sam ProX 6 Independence Live - same problems as the Standalone. 32 bit version works great. DAW - SAMPLITUDE: Independence has always ran fine within Samplitude (64 bit version is what opens I assume since that is how I installed ProX 6 Suite). REAPER: only the 64 bit VSTi showed up. I looked in my VST folders and noticed both the 32 bit & 64 bit Independence.dll's were named exactly the same. I changed their names to Independence32.dll & Independence64.dll respectively. Upon opening Reaper and VST scan, Reaper now showed the 32 bit version, i.e. Independence (x86) (see image below). Independence opened and ALL instruments loaded perfectly. STUDIO ONE 5.5 & CAKEWALK by Bandlab: wouldn't pick up the 32 bit version at all and the 64 bit version ran as described in Standalone description above. Summary: I am happy to be able to use Independence as I'd like (64 bit notwithstanding) but done wasting my time trying. Perhaps (and hopefully) this will help others and we can only wish that MAGIX & devs can clean this all up. Caveat: I noticed recently that the Best Service Engine is obviously based on the same code provided by MAGIX. I sent an inquiry to support who stated "You can use engine libraries in Independence but not vice versa. It is not supported anymore since an early version of engine 2."
  9. Having the same issues here with my pro library
  10. Thanks for this info Christian. I will give it a try.
  11. Here normally you should try first to read the user guide and apply what is in 12 - USB audio interface function. And when the driver is installed, just select the Tascam in the Audio setup parameter, Driver system
  12. Hi Sunshy, yes, if you save a VIP as template the audio references are removed. But it is possible to manually copy a file with audio references to the templates folder. In the project status you can easily copy audio files from outside to the audio folder. You can also enable a warning for files outside the project folder when saving and/or loading. But this warning will not work when creating a project from a template (but it will work later). What I do is, saving those templates in my own template folder and copy them with explorer. Hope this helps. Cheers Christian
  13. I found this is not possible, at least in Seq. 14.
  14. Game console on Linux Mint. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC66jVivpwY
  15. @Sean DiMaria, I am curious as to whether you are able to load Independence within other DAWs, e.g. Reaper, Cubase, Studio One, etc.? EDIT: To answer my own question, following Option 1 instructions above, I was successful installing on my Surface Pro 4 and Independence runs as expected in both Standalone and as a VSTi inside my DAWs. IOW: 1 - I installed the Standard Pro version (3.5) as instructed. I opened Independence and activated using my Standard Pro P2 license and then closed Independence. 2 - I copied my library over to the default location. 3 - I opened Independence again and made sure the library location was set in Preferences/Library. 4 - I went to load an instrument and was prompted to Activate/Register the library where I inserted my Pro Premium P2 license. 5 - All GOOD! Caveat - I had completely removed all things Independence AND Samplitude Pro X3-6 from my Surface Pro 4 so basically started from scratch.
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi @TerryBritton, just seeing this. Before I attempt this again, can you please clarify? Specifically, can you now run Independence both in standalone AND within other DAWs, e.g. Repear or Studio One? I am running the 3.5 version which works fine in Samplitude and also as standalone but it will not run in any of my other DAWs as it should (or is purported to). EDIT: I tried to install 3.6 per these instructions but was unsuccessful. I reverted back to 3.5 with some success - see next post.
  18. yes unfortunately, these windows (same for time) are not optimized, there's always a lot of empty space, I don't know if we can call this a bug, but Magix could look into it, as for a milion a little annoying things since ages...
  19. Found a workaround in order to have longer text on screen and also more flexibility to manage those texts : In last Samplitude update we can now have multiple videos items on the timeline. It can also be still images like .jpg I use this old good freeware file viewer https://www.irfanview.com/ you can copy/paste text to Irfanview and it create an image you can save as .jpg Just drop your images to the timeline and open the video window Stern
  20. Thank you for this precision Kraznet, when I change the time display font size nothing happened (and font size is always driven by window size) is it a bug ? Stern
  21. Hi Marc, I agree with all your comments and they have been valid for many years. I would venture to say that every popular DAW has markers implemented better than Samplitude. Maybe @ricrac can look into it? Regards, Kraznet
  22. Thank you Kraznet for this very useful tutorial. However, by observing with you the functions of markers, it is clear that Magix has work to do in this regard. The functions are excellent in themselves, but the marker rules and the markers themselves are visually deficient. 1) They are too small. 2) They do not color. 3) They are similar despite their differences in function (for some types, because for tempo markers it is excellent) 3) They do not place themselves in floors (one above the other) in the more distant views 4) The marker manager is incomplete (all functions and options should be available as an icon on the header
  23. You can paste a lot of words into the lyric market text box. But due to the way the window handles the text, the bigger the lyric display window the larger the text. Meaning fewer words are visible. But if you find the text is going off the screen break the lyrics down into separate markers. That's why in the tutorial I broke verse 1 down into four separate markers. This also is easier for the vocalist especially if they aren't familiar with the lyrics. I notice a lot of vocalists read the lyrics of their iPhone/android device nowadays anyway. Although having the safety net of lyric markers is very useful especially for the producer/engineer and vocalists who are used to reading off their iPhone may find lyric markers helpful addition and it leaves them hands-free. But it takes time to set them up which I normally do pre-session so I'm prepared. Kraznet
  24. Nice !! but how to deal with lyrics longer ?
  25. Glad to see you able to return to your extremely valuable tutorials. Without them I would have switched DAWs and that would have been a huge mistake.
  26. Thank you for sharing your in-depth knowledge with us. Stay well.
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