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  3. That does seem to coincide with the consensus of opinion. https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,128261.msg889983.html#msg889983 Thank you.
  4. Intel Xeon CPUs require ECC memory! My understanding is that memory errors are exceedingly rare today and ECC memory increases latency.
  5. This discussion may only serve to reveal my less than complete knowledge of A/V digital signal processing rather than raise questions which audibly or not impact signal quality. However, the concerns raised stem from here. https://www.google.com/amp/s/arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/01/linus-torvalds-blames-intel-for-lack-of-ecc-ram-in-consumer-pcs/%3famp=1 The report initially describes and quotes Mr. Torvalds’ contempt for Intel’s refusal to support error correcting ECC memory which apparently impacts his interest with server hardware, computational computing and other non-home theater related tasks. But later discussed are claims, though unspecified, where consumers-presumably home users-can also suffer from non-ECC memory generated errors. Thus, if the lack of ECC memory would leave the computer audiophile vulnerable to errors, however infrequent, in what form would they be? Would they manifest as permanent audible “clicks” during the re-digitizing of music in 24 bit audio and/or when downloaded from stores like https://www.hdtracks.com/ ? Has anyone experienced this? If not perhaps because such errors may be even more noticeable and more frequently occurring from much more common be still respectably sounding 16 bit audio? OTOH, would such errors be more noticeable if downloading or playing 1080p or especially 4K video, though both requiring far more digital bandwidth (e.g. bit depth?) than even 24 bit audio? However, the ears are likely more sensitive than the eyes to digital audio errors. In any case, do AMD brand Ryzen CPUs and motherboards support ECC memory? And which if any other motherboard brands do also? But if so would such consumer desktop systems tend to create more heat induced fan noise than desktops with comparable Intel CPUs and motherboards performing the same kinds of work loads, such as 1080p video editing-and full length movie playbacks via https://jriver.com/overview.html ?
  6. This is the link to my music on Jamendo. Well, just in case... https://www.jamendo.com/artist/522305/sergey-gulevich

  7. HI @Sarband I just tried doing what you described and it worked as expected here on Sam Pro X5 version 208. My process was to start with the already included 8 MonoTrack 8 IO template. I armed all tracks making sure inputs were correct (already set to 1-8 on my interface). Signals registered fine. From the menu dropdown list, I selected File/More/Save Project as Template. I closed Sam and reopened selecting my newly saved template. VIP loaded armed and ready. I test recorded and all worked properly.
  8. Hi, I have made a new template (8 mono in) with each track armed for recording and saved it. When opening a new VIP starting from this template, all seems all right, tracks are armed, red lights on on each track... but no signal enters. Only when I unarm and arm again, I have signals coming in. Is this normal, is there a way around? Thanks for your help. In Samplitude Pro Suite 5.
  9. Hi all, As a complete amateur , I 'd like to ask how you guys deal with getting a song to sound good across multiple platforms and your techniques. I read studio engineers use a mono speaker to switch to from studio monitors to judge how it sounds on say a mobile phone speaker and mix accordingly. I have never done this and relied purely on my ears and monitor speakers. Maybe I should? I just feel that mixing this way perhaps enforces a compromise in the end sound. Am I missing something here? Also short of taking youth serum, how do engineers cope with the ageing process as ones ears frequency response deteriorates as you get older especially the top end. My fear is of over compensation of the top end because of this. I also find it hard to hear if low end bass notes are in tune at times. Anyone else? Interested to hear your thoughts and suggestions/tips. Thanks
  10. Thanks for your explanation. I´ve been reading some posts and i found more problem from users using Pro X 5 than other versions. Seems like the monitoring is causing most problems. Lets see how the development team deals with this . Thanks for your reply. All the best.
  11. Hi Pepe, from your other thread I just noticed that you use ProX5. Although I already bought ProX5, I just use it for testing purposes. I did not check your special concern yet. So, the things I wrote refer to ProX4. Good to know that ProX5 is still not to be taken serious. Even 10 months after market entry. Annoying for you as a newbe. I am sorry for you. Maybe you ask the support for getting a ProX4 licence. You will not have the convenience of inserting sonarworks in the monitoring section, but at least the solo functionality will work. A paltry consolation!
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  13. Hi Pepe, it is possible! I use that in daily work for a long time. Your problem is propably caused by the fact, that you do not use the monitor path as a dedicated seperate output feeding your monitors. As long as you do not use it, the solo function will interrupt your aux feeds, because it works as a "solo in place" which goes on to your stereo master bus. That means every channel which is not involved will be switched off by pressing a solo button, except the belonging effect returns. That kills even your headphone mix. In postproduction it could be quite attractive using the stereo bus as listening source, because it achieves listening even the dedicated effect returns of your soloed channel. In a tracking situation it disturbs your headphone mixes of course. So, if you use the monitoring path of samplitude it won't interrupt your headphone outputs any longer. By the way which version do you use?
  14. Hey guys I just forgot how to do this... How to move objects together with the range?
  15. I believe the option that is needed for this is to have a track option called solo defeat , not a global option, per track...Cant find it. Maybe this is not possible.
  16. Hi everyone I´m trying to achieve this: Step 1 - Have a band recording live, all with separate headphones mixes ( sent from separate audio interface physical outputs) Step 2 - Being able to solo any track in Samplitude´s mixer without affecting any of the Headphone mixes. Step 1 - easy to achieve using dedicated AUX tracks set to physical outputs (AUX set to Pre or Direct Out) Step 2 - Couldn´t yet managed to to this. Some audio interfaces allow one to use it´s internal mixer to accomplish this task using the direct routing of input channels to output channels,, that is not the case here. Only using the internal samplitude mixer. Is possible ? Thanks in advanced.
  17. The Monitor section is a new function introduced with Pro X5, in erlier version the was only the Monitor function in the Mixer available which works fine. Thomas
  18. Using no monitoring provides the destructive Solo mode. Pfl And non destructive solo is only available when using the solo bus. This is known to samdev and hopefully will be changed. I will bring it to their attention again. Georg
  19. OK, its certainly a problem with the monitoring. If you dont use the monitoring everything works has expected. Lets hope the team at Magix can make a patch or update fixing this.
  20. Yes. Its a huge problem. Impossible to make professional work like this. Makes me think, from a new user stand point, how is it possible no one have noticed before ? im using samplitude for 2 days now and first thing i do when working on a new DAW is testing all the routing, preferences etc, before i dig into working full time. Is this a bug from X5 version or is it something that comes from the very beginning ? i would like to know if someone with X4 could make this test.
  21. Ok, I get it, you are absolutely right, it does not work correctly. I was focused on the master routing ... Thomas
  22. Take this image has an example, watch the routing im doing there. When i solo track 1 ( which is going to a bus with a reverb inserted) the solo ignores the reverb. Same doesn't happen when i solo the buses, volume and reverb is still present. not for track .
  23. The problem comes when you try to solo one track in the session that is being sent to a bus ( set levels for the buses to another level different then unity). The solo ignores the routing . If you read this post, you will understand more clearly : Working with Solo Modes & the Monitor Bus - Pro X5 - Tutorial - Tips&Tricks - MAGIX Samplitude & Sequoia Board
  24. Hi @pepe44! What the reason for setting the Master to no output? If read you correct you want the Monitor & Solo on the same outputs? Just send your submix to Master and set it to 1+2 Audio interface physical out, and set the Monitor section input to Stereo Master, output to the same 1+2 Audio interface physical out. The plugins in the Monitor section will be Post Stereo Master so the Master mixdown/rendering will not be affected by the plugin in the Monitor section. Just tested with Sonarworks Reference and it works fine here just as any other plugin, latest Pro X5 build 208. Best, Thomas
  25. Thank you very much, this was indeed the "answer" for what i was looking for. Hopefuly the Samplitude developers will make an update with this in mind.
  26. Sorry, I don't have an answer but you might read through this thread as it pertains to your inquiry: Working with Solo Modes & the Monitor Bus - Pro X5 - Tutorial - Tips&Tricks - MAGIX Samplitude & Sequoia Board
  27. Hi everyone, i´ve been using Samplitude Pro x 5 for 2 days now. Great DAW. Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to use sonaworks reference on the Monitoring section without causing problems on my track solo´s. Lets assume i have 10 tracks: 1-5 Drums OUT to Bus 1 (no AUX send, bottom track routing direct to bus 1) 6-8 - Some Samples OUT to Bus 2 (no AUX send, bottom track routing direct to bus 2) 9-10 Vocals OUT to BUS 3 (no AUX send, bottom track routing direct to bus 3) Bus 1+2+3 GO to BUS 4 (my submix) - Out to Stereo Master My master fader (red faders) is set to no output In the monitoring section i have setup my output to be my default 1+2 Audio interface physical out and the input to be the Stereo Master everytime i try to solo an individual track i get more volume from that track and the routing is ignored , sounds like the track solo is not passin on the bus and the monitoring section. Im i doing something wrong ? Any preference for the Solo routing ? I checked the manual, web search, looked in the project and system preferences, could not get it done. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advanced
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