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  2. I managed to recreate a famous melody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD42_NyNzr4
  3. Hi

    I have been using Sequoia 11.  I recently purchased Samplitude Prox5. (not the suite). I really love the software .  However I was slightly disappointed to see that although I am able to run the vintage effects suite (AM-Track, AM-Munition etc.) in Sequoia, this is not possible in Samplitude.

    Interestingly if I open a Sequoia project (from within Samplitude) that has those plugins in the VIP,  the vintage effects are visible .  in fact audio appears to be running through them (you can see this from the meters).  However the controls and templates have no effect.

    I did ask Magix and they said it wasn't possible.  I thought it was a shame as I clearly have a licence to use them.  Do you know of a crafty solution?

    Many thanks

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  5. Another trick. Copy vip markers to audio markers And Copy audio markers to vip markers. The combination if these commands can help a lot sometimes. Georg
  6. Hello.

    I would like to join Magix Samplitude Forum.I'm composer, midi player..I started with Samplitude 10 in 2008.

    Now I'm Samplitude ProX3 Suite user. Last two years I had hardwear (Windows) problem and I hope that Forum maybe can solve that problem.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi, during a recording session, I made some notes about the performance in the Comment Section of the Object Editor. (Each new take is a new Object in my workflow).. I was wondering if there is a way to have a printed list of these comments. Thanks for any help.
  8. Samplitude Pro X6 unlocks all existing Vita Instruments + 4 new ones from the Music Maker Store. Sequoia 16 cannot unlock the 4 new Vita Instruments. I installed them and Sequoia show message: Wrong program version. Collecting all Vita Instruments: Some Vita Instruments should already be installed with Samplitude & Sequoia. When upgrading: New Samplitude & Sequoia comes with new Vita instruments. Upgrade example: Samplitude Pro X1 - X2 - X3 - X4 - X5 -X6. If you skipped a few versions during upgrade, install trial for previous versions of Samplitude then click download instruments. Remaining Vita Instruments (including new ones) are only available in Music Maker Store. Current Total Vita Instruments: 72.
  9. https://youtu.be/6drp01aZYmA Spirited Away Always With Me Music Box Version
  10. Studio One has a great sequencer, better than Cubase. But you have to find it! It is at the level of the object (because S1 is also turned towards the object, yes, although less strong than S / S). I also can't find an interesting arpeggiator for s / s.
  11. @Johnny Blade, @madAhornthank you, I did everything myself, it took me 6 years of my life
  12. I'm suspicious to say anything else. I already know all the work. Just two words: excellent discography!
  13. That's pretty much the situation I am in as well! :-) I don't think I will pay for CD packaging ever again, although I still love the idea personally... :'-( I'll check your music out.
  14. I give to the community all my music for free, even though I have invested a lot of money in it free download here https://strangesoundssilesia.bandcamp.com/ enjoy, don't worry, and be happy, because I can't.
  15. A nice studio! The result of the work is great.
  16. Thanks Johnny Blade. The mastering was done at this studio (https://ardarecorders.com/). The DAW was Reaper (to play and record the wave) but the process is almost all analog.
  17. Hi, Any tips or advise? I just finished and exported a song. Pleased with end result. Sounded fine on monitor speakers and headphones. Bass guitar was just how I wanted it. However just streamed it from SoundCloud to see how it sounded on mobile phone. Disappointingly, I couldn't hear the bass line at all. My phone has a reasonably good speaker for a phone. Wondering how to get some bass heard on the mobile phone environment without killing original character of the bass line. Thanks.
  18. It sounds very good to my ears. Congratulations, you did a very good work! Can I ask you which DAW did you use for mastering?
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydf9rKVuOq4 Hi, this was all done in Samplitude, except mastering. Hope you like it. Feel free to coment. Thanks
  20. Hi @studioasone, thank you for reporting this. We could reproduce this issue and forwarded it to the developers (DEVAP-969 for further reference) Best Regards
  21. like in title https://youtu.be/5fgADCMM9QE
  22. Markers move with objects on the first track In mouse mode Link objects one track Link objects all tracks. If you want to move only markers make a new track at the top insert an empty or dummy object (eg midi ) and move this dummy object in link objects one track mode. Georg
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