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  3. the same with vst pugins like vocaloid5. writing song text in the plug in doesnt work. thats horrible. when i want write words like happy or other thinks wity y, the option menu from samplitude and the other shortcuts comes. so it is not possible to work with programm. i am very angry :-(
  4. Thanks, Yes, the installer I have is from my Magix account. They seem to have altered the support process, so that's it's almost impossible (not NI impossible), but much more difficult to contact them directly about Independence. Can anyone else on here verify whether Independence for Mac is 64 Bit?
  5. The only link I can find for Independence software Suite mac is here https://www.magix.com/int/free-download/independence-free-sampler-software/ and it appears to be 3.2. I suggest you contact MAGIX support to see if there's any newer versions although I have a feeling they may not have updated it recently. I presume you registered the original version to your MAGIX account so you can send in a support ticket from there. Regards, Kraznet
  6. The installers at this link appear to be for the libraries rather than the application. I'm only looking for the latest, 64 bit, Mac version of the application, rather than the library, which I already have installed.
  7. Independence installers can be found here: https://www.magix.com/us/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Regards, Kraznet
  8. It appears I have version 3.6.023, I'm unsure if this is 64 bit though. Can anyone confirm as I wish to update my version of Mac OS X (currently on High Sierra). I've attached a screenshot of the error message I get.
  9. Hello, I haven't used Independence for a while and wondered where the latest 64 Bit Mac installers can be found. I have the full Independence Pro (non Samplitude) version, with the Premium library. There seems to be various places to get the installer that download slightly different version numbers. I'd like the latest 64 Bit version: the version from "My Products" seems to download 3.2 but elsewhere on here I've seen version 3.3. Separately, when I close Logic projects, that contain Independence, it causes Logic to crash. Does anyone know why this is and how to remedy it? Thanks,
  10. UPDATE: I checked the admin opening of Seq but still no functioning of saving projects on my Backup FAT Drive. Instead Seq freezes to having to quit force it. Cubase and ohers can be saved on that location, though. UPDATE2. CrystalDisk analysis says something about pending sectors on that particular drive. Seems to be a drive failure. exFat has no file size restrictions, would not take that into account. Wiping the file will be the next step.
  11. Great, Thx Matfle. Dedicated Windows drives w/ NTFS works properly at least with the projects in question. Will check the HFS for windows idea. I like to have one large backup drive for both systems. Thats where some of the current projects with Sequoia are located and worked properly some time ago. For quick edits I used to work on the FAT drives and resave the little changes without having to move lots of GBs around. It makes sensse to move bigger projects with serious editing on a dedicated Windows NTFS drive, though. Would be interesting to know about what to change. Georgs admin idea sounds to be a route to go. THX
  12. FAT32 is probably your problem. Use a NTFS drive and it should work. For Mac access install HFS for Windows. Works fine here. https://www.paragon-software.com/de/home/hfs-windows/ regards Matt
  13. Hi Kraznet, that´s clear. main problem is that the save function does not work on a certain drive. I dont know why. after using the save or save as function seq13 freezes/crashes. will work on another drive with your transfer method. thx
  14. So do you want to save Samplitude projects including all associated audio to a separate drive? If so you need to go to File > Clean up & Backup > Save complete VIP in..You can then navigate to the drive/folder you want to save it to and everything will be copied to that drive. Regards, Kraznet
  15. Hello tonminister, its an internal drive. it is fat formatted to use both pc and mac files. the project folder is stored on that drive. could be that in that respect there might be a danger with file formats and permissions etc... the program freezes and I use the task manager to force quit the program. I once saw an error message saying kind of that 0MB of the file could be saved. I try to catch it better if it occurs again. I can workaround saving to another location properly, but would be interested, what causes the behaviour. I also guess that the file is not corrupt. This happens to other projects, too, which worked properly before. The moment you save, seq13 freezes. I also tried the project file in sampx5, the same happens. thx!
  16. Hi byxx, what kind of drive is it? What exactly is happening? When exactly does saving fail? Do you get an error message? Cheers Christian
  17. Dear Forum, at the moment its not possible to save-as projects on a certain drive. Other DAWs do, but my magix software does not. would switch to another drive as a first step. but, Which settings are recommended to save magix software on a certain drive in WINDOWS10 (Sequoia13 here)? an attempt could be checking access rights in Windows and such...maybe there is some experience in the community in that direction. THX BX)
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  19. I recently got a new laptop, and couldn't install Cubase (6.5) anymore... There are no more download files to be found. So, as Cubase is so expensive, i switched to Magix Samplitude. Is there any possibility I can open my old cubase projects in Samplitude, knowing i can't export my cubase projects anymore ?
  20. Thanks Greg the cheques in the post
  21. Thanks for the response/help. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. It's set at 44100. How high should I go? 4. I changed the buffer in the Interface. Not sure where the Object Buffer is in Samplitude. Also, I've now update to ProX5
  22. You da man Kraznet! What would Magix do without you? Still had to rebuild many old custom key commands going way back. - Greg
  23. Hi Dennis, A lot of the information in these videos is still relevant today but obviously some things have changed. Yes the menus are different because they were changed from V13 (Prox2) onwards . You can revert to the original menus if you follow your instructions on the video I made just now. I would like to update them but it would be a massive job. Maybe I can use the original voice-overs and just redo the video which should be less problem but I will look into it. Here's the video: Regards, Kraznet V12 Menus.mp4
  24. Thanks for your great videos. They are wonderful. I see that you have arranged basic videos under the" Samplitude Basics" heading, however, they appear to be 10 years old. Would they still apply to more current versions (like X4 Pro)? I began viewing them but the screens and menus were quite different. Your more recent videos are way over my head. Would you recommend a complete beginner stick with them, or is there any sequence of videos you'd recommend? Thank you, Dennis
  25. Have you downloaded & installed the very latest driver for your interface? Have you selected the ASIO driver in Samplitude (Y key > System Devices > Audio System)? Have you tried increasing the number of samples for the interface in its control panel (which may increase latency, but improve stability)? Have you tried changing the value for the VIP Object Buffer in Samplitude?
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