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  2. Hi, I know how to export two mono files to one stereo. I want this with short parts of two long stereofiles (a concert recording of about 2 hours). Exporting to Wave, mp3, etc. gives the possibility to export just a range of these files. But, I cannot find the range option when exporting Mono >> Stereo. Thanks for your kind help. Koen
  3. Hi Craig, That should be Magix.info not .com Forum for MAGIX audio software
  4. No. By the way, this is the Samplitude Pro Xx forum. Samplitude Music Studio is a derived program, quite simplified. The proper forum for that would be found at the Magix.com site.
  5. I have just purchased this unit 2nd hand and I got It working fine under the latest Windows 11 with all current (as of this post) Windows updates and Store updates. I am using a Texas Instruments 1394 Card with the (8235) XIO2200A Chipset. Everything that Michael has posted works fine. I also had to disable Windows Audio Enhancements in the Audio Playback section of Win11. Once that was done it all worked fine.
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  7. What's up colleagues, how is all, and what you want to say about this post, in my view its in fact awesome designed for me.
  8. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I've really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!
  9. During sign-up, you will not be asked for any Magix customer credentials or serial numbers (at least I wasn't asked when signing up). Instead, you can use any username/password combination of your choice, that hasn't been used before. The credentials I used for signing up to this forum differ from the ones I use for signing into my Magix customer account. I don't know why signing up of your fellow failed. Maybe it's because of some kind of spam protection. Edit: this might be the solution: https://www.magix.info/us/forum/you-are-not-permitted-to-register-a-user-account-with-this-site--1245290/
  10. @brmichael See this message that the fellow got when he tried to join this forum. Apparently, one does need to own Samplitude or Sequoia in order to join.
  11. You don't need to be a Samplitude owner to join this forum. Anyone can create a new account by clicking "Sign Up" on https://community.samplitude.com/. Regards, Michael
  12. C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins\MAGIX\Independence\VSTPlugins32 Plugin (or standalone) and content must be activated separately (and purchased beforehand) if you want to use them with other DAWs. The Independence integrated in the Pro X Suite only works in Samplitude.
  13. A user on the Vegas forum interested in purchasing Samplitude has the following queston: He doesn't have Samplitude so can't join the forum. An example of what he does is: documentary with a lot of sound effects, interviews, voice-overs, music scores, and so on. I went through some previous posts about this and the answers and comments were all over the place with the exception of this one asked by Kraznet. If you do not use or have not used Samplitude for this, please do not comment. He does not need to know that you were not able to import a video into Samplitude or which other programs can be used for this or which ones may be better. If anyone has examples for which they show screen shots of the Arranger, that would be helpful. Thanks, John CB
  14. Hi Johnny, thanks for your detailed analysis, description and opinion. I am very pleased. But I am of the opinion, everything what you describe, I do not master at all
  15. Nice rock and roll. Unfortunately, I don't speak German, but that doesn't stop me from commenting that the melody is very beautiful and the music exudes a sound clarity that really pleases my ears. The high frequencies were used very competently, to a very pleasant extent, in the right measure. The music is clear, fully audible. I can differentiate all the instruments used without having to make an effort. The machine gun and helicopter arrangements were very well fitted and balanced. Music very pleasant to my ears. Impeccable quality product.
  16. Can war be made danceable? Yes. Therefore, here is MY musical view on the current war in Europe. Important note: The second verse is mostly the "Elegy in War" by Erich Mühsam, who was executed in the Oranienburg concentration camp. By mistake, he is not mentioned in the opening and closing credits. For design reasons - and because the focus is to be on text and song - only the first verse is illustrated. Remain stable and keep hope Werner https://youtu.be/wxdt2v0KZRU
  17. I have Music Studio 2019, how do you get blues drums on it please?
  18. Hi, I have Samplitude music studio, 2019 i think, I'm a blues musician and would like some blues drum patterns, are they in there?
  19. There is much confusion with this new marker Mode behaviour. I am talking now about Sequoia: Please also check in the marker Manager, which track the marker is linked to. Enable the column ref track, if it is not visible yet. Then change the track if needed. And the marker link mode works in all object modes and can be enabled independently. Same for link curves to objects. Georg
  20. Now it would be interesting to know which Version @matt_colton_metropolis uses.
  21. No georgob, in Samplitude Pro X6 we do not find that!
  22. edit - object mode - link markers to objects I use Sequoia 16, I do not know if this is valid in Samplitude as well. Maybe it is Sequoia only. Georg
  23. Thanks for this Tony, sorry my question was poorly worder and wasn't quite clear - I cant see anywhere in this list of Hot Key options to add a hotkey to toggle Link Markers > Link Markers to Objects on and off. I have to access this function al the time, and having to mouse through 2 menus to get to it is a bit slow.
  24. In the keyboard shortcuts menu +Keyboard/Menu +Play/Rec +Marker
  25. Hi I cant seem to find where to add Hot Key commands for the new Marker Manager, specifically the Link Markers option - it would be super useful to be able to toggle this on and off. Unless I am being blind, I cant find where in the " Keyboard, Menu & Mouse > Keyboard / Menu " menu in the Set Up window to add them (specifically for the Marker Manager, I obviously have a lot of other key commands for other Sequoia functions). Thanks M
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