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  2. I'm sorry to read this... In fact, I noticed that you were away longer than usual... I hope you are better and even more inspired to continue your good and interesting work! Take care!
  3. @Johnny Blade Thank you, and I'm sorry I wasn't here, but I had covid
  4. This is a composition from my album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ts9bcDwSPA
  5. I agree with Wyoming and JoaChip. I understand that these added files is not a problem for some but I still find it annoying, messy and cumbersome to have other files added to the same system folder as media files. Steinberg Nuendo/Cubase and Avid Protools keep their wav and media files in separate system folders. Much more professional to me. It is a hassle having Samplitude files added to my Nuendo mix folder. I mix in Nuendo and master in Samplitude. Samplitude is a fantastic program, using it for 15 years, still I have yet to "get used to it". I just deal with it as described above, sorting and what not. I wonder with every Samplitude upgrade. Can't It be an option for us to "Define Separate Location for H2/HDP/HS"? Seems so simple. Currently running Pro X5 here. Best to all, Jim Fox Here is a post I made in 2007: Hello Is there a way to tell Samplitude to put it's associated image and project files (*.HDP and *.H2 files) in a different folder than the source .wav files? That is to say - it would be nice if the source 'audio Folder' that contains the original .wav files did not have Sampiltude add associated files to that Folder. Sorry if I missed it in the manual, Any ideas? Thank you Samplitude 9 Pro v9.1.1 Jim Fox July 7, 2007 4 replies
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  7. You can define what is displayed in your objects here
  8. Hi, everyone! I'm not regularly samplitude user, but I have to use it for my university lessons. At the moment I'm doing my homework which I have to summit tomorrow. In this point I have some issue with grids and numbers that appear on waveform. I would like to clear them and to see only the original file name. I will be so happy if you can help me as quickly as possible. Thanks and my best wishes! :)))
  9. somebody practice with ample sound and samplitude? I can't record from the strumming window. I see peaks in the recording window, but it doenst record
    1. Andrew C

      Andrew C

      Hey bro,

      Love the track. It has the Enigma vibe going on there. :D


    2. Sergey Gulevich
  10. If all Fails simply download Asio4all and when its running click on windows hidden icons, open it and select the device you wish to use, It should help
  11. Hi @HuggyBear What soundcard & driver are you using? What are your ASIO buffer size settings? You probably need to set a higher ASIO buffer, but keep in mind a higher buffer also gives size a higher latency. Best, Thomas
  12. Hi, I'm using Samplitude 2013 and in the past, I've been recording the guitar dry then adding vst's, but it's hard to get the feel of what I'm playing... when dry. So, I've been trying lately to run vst's while I'm recording... to get a better feel of what's being recorded. but, whenever I click a vst plugin the noise, hissing and crackling is really bad. It too bad to record. Any ideas please... this is driving me round the twist? Recording a dry guitar, no problem, but as soon as I add a plugin to record... the noise is really bad. Many thanks
  13. Why are you upset with the answer? That is the latest updated version (Pro). Wasn‘t that your question?
  14. @werner Fantastic! It works! After updating everything I realised that the vst3 had installed in a weird folder, but once I'd found it and pointed Samp at it, everything works. I am so pleased. Thank you.
  15. I keep getting answers, but it only tells me the download page. I'm so upset with this answer.
  16. @alexbarbed https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=downloads_spectralayers_7&L=0 Please update first to version 7.0.21. And to Pro X5 Version Then try again.
  17. I have ProX5 and SL7... I have managed to get 'Edit in SpectraLayers' working fine (launching external application) but no sign of any ARA2 integration. It still says on the Magix website that it is a feature of ProX5 (one of the reasons I upgraded...) but it doesn't seem to exist. I can see Kraznet said above that it is reported as fixed, but I can't see that it is. Help!
  18. The introduction with heavy metal elements is exciting. The break in rhythm with the later resumption of the initial base "rounded off" this instrumental work. Thanks for sharing, I just got a chance to hear it now. It would be interesting to see your works explore a little more the insertions with guitars.
  19. I have difficulty assimilating the beautiful German language, but I was touched by the melody of the song. There is a certain magic to good music that breaks through any language barrier. My sincere congratulations, your music can do that.
  20. Auch von Jürgen und mir gibt es Neues im Video. Den sich am Ende wendenden Text gibt es auch bei YouTube. Ist ja richtig was los hier heute https://youtu.be/To0T9kPf3g8
  21. Hi Guys. My new single just has been released. Leave some comments on Youtube. Thanks a lot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i72NfbXRF0 Spotify, TIdal, Apple Music, iTunes etc: http://www.soundline.biz/OZDMyRoots/
  22. Yep, I couldn't remember which it was but support was the one that provided it. Typical MAGIX confusion LOL.
  23. @proaudiosupport wrote this back in december: In the future please use only proservice@magix.net to contact us, not prosupport@magix.net. Thanks
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