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  1. Stop - so einfach kommst du nicht davon Erstens - Ich habe genau dieses Keyboard und es funktioniert wie ich beschrieben habe - midi oder USB - beides perfekt - keine Kompromisse. Zweitens - welches Version Samplitude benützt du ? (Wie Sebastian sagte - in V8 geht das garnicht) Drittens - welche Playback engine? Ohne dein Feedback versteht kein andere was du gemacht hast. Es scheint mir du hast immernoch nicht alles richtig eingestellt. VG Martin
  2. Oh dear - didn't see that V8 ! Thats why the thread was ignored - oh well....
  3. Hmm - ein bischen alt aber falls das Problem noch besteht.... Samplitude muss in diesem Fall bei scharf geschaltetem Spur und aktiviertem Monitoring dein VSTi live ausgeben vor und während der Aufnahme. Das fuzt allerdings nur wenn Sam den richtigen 'Engine' benützt. Folgendes: 'Y' / System Options / Audio System / Monitoring Setup Hier den Schieber ganz nach rechts schieben 'Hybrid' - dann hörst du dein VSTi Das hat nichts mit Behringer zu tun Cheers M
  4. I dodn't get it - you want to record 2 seperate mono inputs from your usb interface ? Thats shouldn't be a problem. Cheers M
  5. Or the feeware VST Gsnap is good with a little practise....
  6. Welcome fellow HD192 user! The yellow question mark in the device manager is showing that windows had an address or irq conflict. I assume you tried all the usuall things like removing the card from the device manager and re-booting.... I'd try another slot first. The fact that OS10 can initialize the card there is proof that the card is ok at least. Does Motu still advise installing the driver and THEN the card ? Cheers M
  7. Diese Funktion gab es auch schon immer in Samplitude. Es gibt sogar ein Toolbar Icon dafür. Cheers M
  8. Yes I did thank you! Very nicely done I must say and a clever playback tool - didn't know it was possible to playback multitrack on a web site! Cheers M
  9. Exactly that is happening but there is no reason to do it that way. Cheers M
  10. I requested this in the Beta forum recently as the toolbar2 changes the mode but doesn't reflect the state - probably Ver11 I believe its because the buffers don't get flushed as they should. Making the buffers smaller makes the effect smaller. Again this is known.Cheers M
  11. Yes I understand that totally.I got used to it like everyone else but now you mention it - it is a PITA. I remember Volker changing the behaviour to not affect playback when scrolling with the mouse. (It used to stop playback and center the cursor) I wonder if anyone at all actually likes the behaviour ? Cheers M
  12. If I understand correctly you mean - when scrolling with the mouse or cursor keys the screen cursor jumps to center screen and stays there. Yes I think its time to ask for this old behaviour to go or an option to switch it off. Cheers M
  13. So weit so gut. Jetzt - 'Save complete VIP in' heist der Menu Befehl in der Englische Version. Es Kopiert nur die Wav Bereiche die Tatsätlich im neuen VIP vorhanden sind in den bestimmbarem neuen Ordner. Cheers M
  14. Yes now I read it again that looks a little missleading Sebastian. I should have said Magix removed the DDP option from Samplitude
  15. Hi, Magix removed DDP from Samplitude making it Sequoia only. The cheapest way of making a DDP for audio so far is to buy a small second hand mac plus: Waveeditor - $250.- = 160 Euros There's also Gear Pro Mastering at 260 Euros I do think Magix should reconsider putting DDP in Samplitude at no extra cost - it just might boost sales as a mastering tool. Cheers M
  16. Hey Sascha - das war wirklich 'caring' ! Thank for the super tip. I already used a Samplitude INI to change the skins in Sam9se but didn't know this much was possible.
  17. Hi there, ich vermute das das in Sam10 auch nicht anders ist. Man hat die Möglichkeit im Routing Dialog den Panner nach unten zu setzen - da wird alles gepannt! Cheers M
  18. That IS the solution - needs doing automatically thats all. Normal playback is not such a problem. Cheers M
  19. These new SD cards are much faster and the CF cards are even faster. I run the one in the picture on a USB adapter stick that is especially for SDHC and its great! http://support.magix.net/boards/samplitude...&pid=113341 Cheers M
  20. There are various mixer skins with much bigger meters and there you can really read the scale on the side. Have you got the 'Session Mixer' ? Apart from that there is a numerical readout in the Master section. Watch your Pan Law...... it can do strange things to your input metering with the Hybrid engine. Cheers M
  21. Difficult to say if you don't tell us..... You do know the 'Y' key puts you system options I take it.
  22. No numerical readouts in Samplitude. You need a skin with big accurate meters - most are accurate..... Cheers M
  23. Ok - you really wanted this. There was an option added to stop playback making the project bigger. Its in: "Y / Program / General / Lock VIP size against zoom out" That should make you happy!
  24. Or something. I've known this behaviour since Ver5 and didn't suspect it to be wrong till now. Back then though the project length would grow if you let the cursor go on too long which had to be deleted as extra space.Cheers M
  25. Toolbar2 has the play once icon but it doesn't show the chosen state like the borrowed loop button in the transport does. Also Toolbar2 acts as a transport bar.
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