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  1. Hi,

    yes all Samplitude and Sequoia versions support skins from Ver5 onwards.

    A lot of user skins were made around the Ver6 period and many still use them.

    However, as features get added all the time, some buttons are missing from older skins. Still its ok if you know how to use the newer functions via right mouse menu for instance.

    Of course each new Samplitude version come with a new skin so after a while you get a nice collection.

    I've got around 10 skins loaded for easy changing.



  2. Samplitude uses a complex buffering system to make playback stable and the offset you have experienced depends a lot on which driver model you are using. Asio, MME or WDM as the buffering varies

    You do need to check this and set it up correctly. Afterwards Samplitude records exactly down to a single sample as easily demonstrated by repeating the test.

    Use this loop test and post back your results.

    Offset Setup



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