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  1. Hi and thanks yes I am talking about plugins that dont have a built in patch browser. Ok then, since I am a preset junkie, this would drive me beyond insane. bake to cubase and sonar! I tried!
  2. Last question i promise! is there an easy way to scroll through vst presets with just the arrow keys WITHOUT having to press "enter"each time to activate the preset? like say preset up/down arrows or something?
  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I will change the meters to an orangy color right now hehe! The snap automation is almost a showstopper for me as sometimes I will want the automation to come in at precisely a snap point. This is why i asked if there was a way to click on the node and numerically override the value and or position with the keyboard. This should be a top feature request and hopefully not too hard to implement. When i try to automate a vst parameter, it only gives me values from 0 -127 and tells me i can only do 16 per track..is this correct? Last question but certainly not least.... is the UNDO history in v 10 been improved or does it still only say undo/redo like v9 se?
  4. Hi!!! I just purchased Samplitude SE9 yesterday to get a taste of the workflow in version 10 pro before i shelled out the big bucks. I like it except for some things explained below I have some questions. 1) Can the scissors/cut tool be snapped to grid? I can't find a way to do it. If not, can it be definitely snapped in samp 10 pro? 2) Can the automation nodes be snapped to grid, and again if not in SE, in 10 pro? 3) Is the vst automation in SE9 purely midi based 1-127? Is there a way to edit node values more precisely? If not, what about in Pro 10? 4) Any way of changing the VU meter colors? If not, is there a skin that the blue vu meters don't blend so much into? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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