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  1. Hi Andre, Does this mean i have to have 2 dongles to use samplitude on 2 different compters? - i thought that the whole idea of a dongle is that you can take it to different computers!!! MB
  2. Hi All, I'm considering buying Samplitude 10 online (499 euro version) As a pro studio, can i buy it online without the 19% VAT? (i have a valid european VAT number)? I don't see any option for this in the online shop. I'll need to run Samplitude on my home computer as well as in the studio. So I'll need a hardware dongle. Is it possible to run the downloadable e-version of Samplitude with a dongle? If so, where / how do i buy it. Again, no info that i could find on the samplitude site. Thanks in advance!
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