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  1. Hi Craig,

    One thing about upgrading. It's worth noting that there is a possibility that Pro X5 may drop later in the year although we haven't started beta testing yet. Also I know that ARA2 will be implemented in the next beta for testing. Regarding mixer folder tracks I've been asking for that for years. I know it's possible because they have mixer folder tracks for surround tracks so I'm sure it must be possible for normal tracks. But I will broach the subject again with MAGIX and see if I can get something happening but no promises.

    Regards, Kraznet

  2. Hi Le'Mon,

    I presume the serial number must've come in an email or something. Anyway I've uploaded the skin pack to my Microsoft one drive. You should be able to install it without the serial as the serial is really just for accessing the skins from Birdline website. 


    Regards, Kraznet

  3. Hi there did you report a user? Was it a spammer?

    Regards, Kraznet

    1. Kraznet


      I am often banning spammers. They are usually selling medications. Although I changed some admin settings for the user forum and it shouldn't happen as much now as it was.

      Regards, Kraznet

    2. tonminister


      Hi Kraznet,

      I think I did report a spammer some time ago, but I am not 100% sure.




  4. Haha no that's not me.

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