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  1. So any news about new skin for samplitude availability?
  2. Screen shot above are taken from pro X 2. Looks like I messed up something! Second picture should have been the one from Pro X 4. Any way, volume damping is missing in V4.
  3. Hello there! Can't find in the manual or in Samplitude pro X 4 where the volume damping function is. May somebody confirms that this feature disappeared? -FabN-
  4. Hello there! I own samplitude pro X 2. I'm thinking seriously of upgrading to sam pro X4. I feel like birdline skins are not included anymore (as they used to be with pro X3) in pro X 4. Right?
  5. Hello there. Everytime I click on "Like this" I get "An error occured. You have reached your quota of positive vote for the day", even if it's the first time for months that I do this! IE 11 on W7 or W10 pro 64.
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