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  1. Software: OS: Windows 10 pro 64 version 21H2 Hosts: MAGIX SF PRO 15 build 161 & MAGIX Samplitude pro x 6 suite 
    Hardware: System 2016: INTEL CORE I7-5930K @ 3.5GHz, 32Gb RAM DDR4 2133MHz, MSI X99A SLI Krait edition, Radeon R7 370. System drive: Crucial P2 SSD 250Go Temporary drive: SSD Kingston SSDNow KC400 120Go Media drive (raid0): 2 HD WD black 2To Samples drive: SSD OCZ Vertex4 500Go Audio interface: RME Multiface II, AIO Controler: MACKIE MCU PRO, NOB control.

  2. Software: OS: Windows 10 pro 64 version 21H1 Hosts: MAGIX SF PRO 15 build57 & MAGIX Samplitude pro x 6 suite 
    Hardware: System 2016: INTEL CORE I7-5930K @ 3.5GHz, 32Gb RAM DDR4 2133MHz, MSI X99A SLI Krait edition, Radeon R7 370. System drive: Crucial P2 SSD 250Go Temporary drive: SSD Kingston SSDNow KC400 120Go Media drive (raid0): 2 HD WD black 2To Samples drive: SSD OCZ Vertex4 500Go Audio interface: RME Multiface II, AIO Controler: MACKIE MCU PRO, NOB control.

  3. So any news about new skin for samplitude availability?
  4. Screen shot above are taken from pro X 2. Looks like I messed up something! Second picture should have been the one from Pro X 4. Any way, volume damping is missing in V4.
  5. Hello there! Can't find in the manual or in Samplitude pro X 4 where the volume damping function is. May somebody confirms that this feature disappeared? -FabN-
  6. Hello there! I own samplitude pro X 2. I'm thinking seriously of upgrading to sam pro X4. I feel like birdline skins are not included anymore (as they used to be with pro X3) in pro X 4. Right?
  7. About audio driver: With SF set to use default audio driver, I got the attached error message while trying to listen an audio file (auto play feature). My default audio card is a Phiree U2S, based on a VIA VT1729A chipset. It uses default windows driver. This issue disappear while using RME ASIO drivers. This issue may be problematic for nomad sound engineers, using laptops! That's it!
  8. About the GUI: See the attached screen capture. It looks like the label of toolbars named "Standard" and "Transport" are not positioned correctly.
  9. About vst: I have decided to use only vst 3 64 bits FX with SF 12 pro 64. #1 While scanning my vst3 directory, it looks like SF crashes while scanning around 90 plugins. #2 SF crashes while scanning Softube 2.4.36 plugins #3 SF crashes while scanning Waves vst3 9.7 shell (containing Studio rack) While SF 12 pro beta 4 is much better than previous versions, please do something for sorting plugins as Samplitude pro X do! More to come, below!
  10. Hello there, I propose to report bugs here!
  11. I made some more test. Vst3 scan is not stable yet. SF crashes as soon as I deposit Waves plugins. It looks like the editor can't stand too many new plugins at a time. Last but not least, may you please automaticaly sort plugins as done in SF studio?
  12. Two crashes report generated and sent! Happy bug hunting!
  13. What is the safe mode for? Checked, it looks like SF doesn't see vst3, unchecked it crashes while scanning!
  14. Please improve the way SF sorts vst! It should be done automaticaly, as samplitude does! Please increase recent documents availables, 9 is not enought Please make preferences window resizable! SF12 looks like SF11 in 64...
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