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  1. It was only the Magix exe files, and on reinstall the same exe files would be deleted after attempting to run the program for the first time.
  2. Yeah, that sounds like the problem we had, however reinstalling the program never helped the exe files just re-deleted themselves. The distributor seems to have given us discs that were originally intended for Guitar Center distribution. MAGIX finally gave us a patch to fix the problem and that leads me to believe that this was something intentionally written into the programs code as a kind of demo-version killer or force upgrader. Magix just responded too fast to fix the problem for them to not have already known what to do to fix this.
  3. I should add as to not scare the crap out of people that this issue was explained to us as being a massive virus that knocked out samplitude's usb key. I have yet to see any information on MAGIX's site or on these forums to indicate that this is a virus or that anyone outside our offices has been affected.
  4. The company I am working for has about 20+ registered copies of Samplitude 8.0. Yesterday all the computers that had been rebooted in the morning lost the ability to use the program. Although I didn't get a screen shot of the original error message we all recieved, I did get this from trying to run the app today, day 2. I'm no rocket scientists, but it looks to me as if the main exe file for the program was somehow deleted. Anyone run into any similar problems like this in the last 48 hours? Phil
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