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Hello Folks

I guess it is a bit weird to talk about ourselves and yet how ya gonna know who you are dealing with, so here goes.

My family has been into music forever it seems. A great, great, great grandpa Bovee, (that is the spelling I was told by family), built guitars and violins and mandolins and who knows what else. It has been hard to find a family instrument and that is an ongoing search. In addition they played and sang down through the years, a tradition that continues with my brothers kids and mine as well. My son and I have had the pleasure of touring together all around the states.

As for recording I was first asked to come into a studio in 1979/80, somewhere in there and I got the bug from both sides. I love recording and I fell in love with the engineering side as well. I was a kid and the engineer took me under his wing and I learned to do the deeds and hear the sounds and also to cut tape and splice and all that by hand. (I am so thankful for digital splicing but I think that experience was priceless)

Today I have 8 recording solely my own, one from a band I was in and one of three lead singers and one I did a special song remake for a project so that is ten in all. In addition there have been numerous projects and recordings through my studio that started in 1987 as a home thing and grew to a project studio for others by the 90s and then turned into a full blown studio by '98. I continue to get requests for production and lately have often been asked to mix projects and master others due to the sound that has developed in my learning from so many others and mags and such. It all sunk in and now I can really get a sound that fits different styles and really makes it enjoyable to listen to. That is a credit to my first teacher by default and all I have learned from and those who allowed me to 'practice" on their projects.

I hope to both learn and encourage by my time on this group as I am thoroughly enjoying Samplitude and I am positive that a lot of the credit I get goes to haveing great sound cards and a great recording program to work with. Samplitude has been my main DAW and though I have worked with the industry standard, Pro Tools I find Samplitude a much better program and a much better group of folks and support team to work with. I have loved the response whenever I have an issue, (and that is rare), and those things are tremendously important when you have a client who needs their work done due to some deadline.

I have never done commercial projects though I have thought about them

My work has always been artist projects, bands or demos.

I love artists and I love music and I love what music can do to and for folks when it is given a chance to move from a piece of writing to a work of art!

Hope this helps give you a clue

Take care


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