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  1. Main thing about this mixer is that if it communicates with Samplitude using Mackie Control it won't work very well as the Mackie Control in Samp Pro X is badly broken and won't get fixed any time soon.
  2. Right click on an icon in the toolbars. Edit workspace. I don't know about SE.
  3. Incorporating all three of these suggestions would be very nice.
  4. Mathias, if you have any problems PM me. I got it mapped out already and you can have my map if you want it. Though you probably will want to make one for yourself.
  5. Sascha, Thanks for chiming in. I am using the version that comes bundled with Samp. I have tried using Automap with variverb in the past and had no joy. When the verb was inserted using the Automap wrapped version it came up as the parameter dialog rather than the usual GUI. The usual GUI was not available. So I decided to give it another go using the Nocturn as an "ordinary" midi controller which it also is capable of, as well as doing it's Automap thing. However, today I shelved trying to use the Nocturn as an ordinary controller and gave Automap another go and I've now got it working almost perfectly. I figure this may well be something to do with the Automap 3 update. Nothing's changed in Samp or the variverb recently. All that doesn't work is the v-verb GUI graphics don't change with any Nocturn tweaks. But it's only the fancy graphics. The numerals on the verb GUI are updated, the knob positions and the actual audible sound parameter changes are updated correctly too. When the plug is loaded and the GUI opens it comes up extremely small and cannot be resized; but when it is closed and re-opened it returns at the correct size. So none of these minor issues are that important at all. Main thing is I finally have maximum knob on control of all the many v-verb parameters. Including all the HQ source and mic positioning. IT'S ALIVE!! A good day.
  6. The Nocturn can operate in Automap mode but also as a normal CC controller. Surely variverb can be controlled with CC's in that way or else why would it have the learn function programmed into it? I understand how the two learn modes operate in theory. Are you saying under no circumstances can variverb be controlled with a hardware mixer?. That the learn function is only for use with the track automation. Do I have to configure the Nocturn, operating in normal CC, mode in the System Options-Hardware Controller setup? I know there no template for it but perhaps one could be created.
  7. I want to control Variverb with my Nocturn. How do I get V-verb to respond to the CC's coming in from the Nocturn? I've tried both learn methods with no success.
  8. Play/Record menu>Playback mode>Autoscroll or Autoscroll soft. Just found it.
  9. Don't know if this will be any good for you, Mr Planet. http://www.audiodamage.com/effects/product.php?pid=AD006 I have purchased two of Audio Damage's products recently and they do the job. No demos but they give a refund if you don't like them.
  10. The videos contain useful information. "Navigation im VIP" on page right has more. http://www.samplitude.com/eng/seq/tutorial_videos.html
  11. CTRL + ALT + Mousewheel = Zoom to cursor position.
  12. Dynamics, Advanced Dynamics & Multiband Dynamics all have gates. Page 496>508 in manual.
  13. Learn how to learn how to manage your registry and stop whining.
  14. The sidechain busses are counted as aux busses. Which they are. So, say, you use two sidechain busses, you got four aux busses left to deploy. No biggie as there are other sidechain methods which don't use Samplitude's aux buss style.
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