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  1. And thanks for SoftMachine (We Did It Again )
  2. Thanks for the reply Kraznet, I don't use that many VSTi's, only five or six different instruments (a couple of great cheapos from GSI, Arturia Mini (limited giveaway version), ZynAddZubFx (an ugly looking gem from the Linux world), a free Mellotron + ARP pro soloist) and only the Piano Library from Independence, that's all (you can take a wild guess which music department I belong to ). But all of them loads into a Indy-layer and works almost as they should, apart from the absent presets for some of them (not the case in any other hosts) and pgm-change filter not working. It wasn't so long ago Magix bought YellowTools, 2012 I think. But not much have happened to Independence since v2 (2009). Maybe Magix were most interested in it as an under the hood engine to all the sample-based instruments (Vita/Engine/...) I think Magix is acting very strange, Independence was a big factor in the marketing for ProX_suites, and now three years later...nothing! you can't even find anything other than a "Everyday is Independence day"-ad buried on the new Samplitude site. Indy looked so promising on the old website I bought the vst version of Independence partly for use with other apps but primarily for live use, as it also included Independence_Live: A great app, begging for some updates.... /Björn.
  3. Two questions: The "Program Change - On/Off" in the layer midi settings don't work at all, at least not when I have a vst-instrument loaded. Is it a bug, or have I missed something? Is it possible for layer to pass midi to another (ex. play a midi track located in one layer and send the midi to another)? I have tried with virtual_midi-ports, but it seems that the layers don't send any midi at all... /Björn To the dev's: Pls put some efforts in the Independence_Live app, it could be a really good tool for live performances if we had: a better midi frontend (per project routing/midi filters/splits, midifileplayer etc), a more up to date vst implementation in Independence (=showing the plugin's own presets), up/down buttons in the custom controls (allowing pg-chg), latch/unlatch mode for the current buttons (for real on/off tasks) and possible a front end mixer (linked to Independence internal).
  4. Well, I bought the vst version yesterday (and I have the proX vesion as well)...can't live without it cheers /Björn oh, this was the german forum....lets try the GoogleTranslate: Nun, Ich kaufte das vst version gestern (und ich habe die proX vesion auch) ... kann nicht ohne sie leben cheers / Bjorn ...Google übersprungen, den Smiley, ein Deutsch verhalten vielleicht?
  5. Hi Andy, This update method is ok for me, and it was no problem to figure out where the files shold go. 32 and 64bit versions are installed on my pc (win8 pro). as far as I can remember, I did a standard installation... the exe's for both versions is in the Program files(x86)/MAGIX/Independence folder and I only have one instance of protein c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MAGIX Services\Independence Libraries\ I have no Digidesign\DAE\Plug-Ins\ folder and no dpm files, do I need these (I'm not using PT)? I can fully understand that creating update patches just for a simple file replacement is waste of time, I'd rather recieve small updates more often this way.. I saw in the 'vst plug-ins'-section of this forum that there also is some new files for the Independence Sam-internal plugin.... ...an 'Updates'-section in this forum with all updates in one place would be nice . Vielen dank! /Björn And tomorrow...the Variverb2 files for ProX?
  6. ?? No mail, nothing in the Magix Service Center, no readme....just a sudden topic amongst others in the newcomer board (wich I rarely visits)....and some of the filepaths above doesn't even exist on my computer ?? but thanks anyway /Björn
  7. Old thread, just stumbled over it...but If you are familiar with Jack Audio server (and have some patience) it's perfectly possible to print any plugin directly. Setting up Jack for Windows can be very fiddly. You need to setup Jackrouter to run your ASIO-drivers and set the right buffer setting. If you own Mixbus it is somewhat easier, but you still need to install the Jack Audio Connection Kit wich comes with the Jack_for_win installer.: Just start the Jack Audioengine in the Mixbus startup window (you don't have to open any Mixbus session) Open ProX, press Y, select JackRouter as sound driver Then open the Jack Audio Connection Kit and use its patchbay, anything can goto everywhere.. In this example I use out1/2 as ProX main out, then I set up a Vandal track as a "virtual guitar amp": capture1(my guitar)->Output3/4, monitor ON. This track is just for monitoring, no recording here.. Then I record on another track (just set record input to 3/4 and output to 1/2) Works like a charm!! Now I can setup fixed tracks for amps/instruments and record what I hear. Nu postphoned decisions, no headache, just quick as h... The reamping workflow may be useful for some, but I suspect that many guitarists share my view on this /Björn
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