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About Me

My name is Lukas Drozd, I come from Silesia, Poland. I am a composer, producer and I also arrange music. Since 2002 i’ve been creating music for many artist from Poland and abroad. Depending on particular artist and my role is diverse.  I’m closely connected with MAMAMUSIC studio (Marcin Kindla & Michał Kuczera) / OZD Studio where most of my productions are being created.

Making music has always been my greatest desire and each contact with music was connected with the process of creating. Now I see, that everything what I did in the past led to making music at any free time I had. Music gave me freedom and developed my imagination. I often avoided the patterns and models given by a typical music school. These years of music experiments enabled me to get certain knowledge, skills and gain experience. The biggest motivation to work is the possibility to make music for others and make their artistic visions come true. I have the opportunity to work with different artists that needs versatile approach to music. I am not afraid of experiments. Experiments allow me to enter new music dimensions. I do my best to proof that each musical composition is unique and exceptional. I try to find the ideas in music of which the artists are often unaware. At first I was fascinated by electronics and digital world of sounds. Now I like combining different worlds: live, analogue and digital. Nothing gives as many possibilities as the combination of these three.

Since 2012 i’m founder of my own music project – OZD.  In 2014 first video clip announcing full album had been released – OZD – Feelings ft. Malenda, Lenny Hamilton (2014).  In 2015 i produced second single song as a contribution with Brain Fentress – OZD – All Right ft. Brian Fentress.    And finally in 2016 full album “Journey” was ready.

OZD is a project where I invited great artist and musicians to perform my songs : Brian Fentress, Kasia Malenda, Weronika Skalska, Kasia Svobo, Kajubofsky, Space Pierre, Przemek Hanaj.

As a producer i worked with many artist. Here is a not complete artist list:

OZD.Official, Tulia, Kasia Wilk, Kasia Popowska, The Underground Man, Antek, Ewa Farna, Brian Fentress,  Smykiewicz, MarcinKindla, Ania Małek, Kasia Popowska, The Underground Man, Rafał Brzozowski, Rodzinka.pl TVP,  Olek Klepacz, Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff, Kasia Popowska, Alexandra, Aleksandra Jabłonka, Andrzej Rybiński, Golec Orkiestra, Ewa Farna, Honey, Honorata Skarbek, Derek Howell, NOT,Plastic, Uffie, An-Kara, Bartek Zdanowicz, Damian Skoczyk, Feel, Piotr Kupicha – Feel, Kabaret Młodych Panów, Kołysanki z Miłością, Monika Jane Mioduszewska, Kabaret Rak, Kamila, Krywan, Łzy, Magda Tul, Marian Bednarek, Marzena Korzonek, Polskie Radio Poznań, TVP Poznań TELESKOP, TVP Poznań TELESKOP Gospodarczy, Press, Rh Plus, Przemysław Smolarski, Stachursky, Lenny Hamilton, Zespół Stauros, Voice of Poland TVP, Reklamy Espunisam, Derick Howell, NOT, Pocketful, Ice Machine, SSboy, Grzegorz Poloczek, 6na6, Paulla, Maria Niklińska, MITHRIL, Marcin Spenner, Doda, Angella, Stashka, TVS, Monikah, MiniMini, Tomek Lubert, Lubert z miłości do muzyki, Mariusz Kalaga, Kreuzberg, Golec Orkiestra, Pieprzyk, Edyta Rusak, hipiersoniK, Beltaine, Sabina Jeszka, Izabela Trojanowska, The Stage, Kombii, Kindla, Krzysztof Respondek, Lenny Hamilton, Katarzyna Malenda, Brian Fentress, Tomasz Kajub Bujak, The Ostprausters, Krzysztof Czeremurzynski, Pieprzyk Prywatnie, Marian Bednarek, Zwierzaki, Biały, Jadwiga Demczuk-Bronowska, Marian Bednarek, mr Champan, Dawid Koczy, Sebastian Skalski, Patruyk Kumor, Antek Smykiewicz

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