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  1. That video was perfect Kraz! I didn't know I could double click on the range to select all objects. That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I gotta tell you man, because of your videos I'm liking Samp more and more every day. I appreciate you taking the time to make that video. You should definitely add it to the tutorials section as I'm sure it'll help others who may have the same questions. Thanks to you too Frank! You tried to explain it to me but it was over my head. I'm more of a visual learner I guess. Summer2000
  2. Hi Frank, Copy object & paste with ripple is half the answer. With that function you still have to manually select each object within a range. I work with 40+ tracks in my projects so you can imagine my pain. I want to be able to select all objects automatically within a range/loop before carrying on copy and paste. Is there a way to select all objects within a given range/loop in Samp 11? Summer2000
  3. Hi Frank, I tried the methods that you mentioned but I still can't figure out how to duplicate a range of time (not just a selected object) and be able to paste those objects in the timeline without over writing any objects in the destination space. So for this to work properly means that I should be able to select the loop, copy it, blank space for that time should be created automatically for where the range will be pasted as not over write anything, and paste the selected range there. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Anyone who has used the duplicate time function in Ableton should know exactly what I'm talking about. Kraznet - if you're reading this, I hope you will be so kind and put up a video demonstrating how to duplicate range. Maybe I'm doing something wrong and don't fully understand how this works in Samplitude. Thanks, Summer2000
  4. Hi Frank, Thanks for replying. I'll try it when I'm back in the studio. One more question, Is it possible to dupilicate time for a selected range instead of having to first insert silence and then select and duplicate objects? In Ableton Live, you can select a range via loop and then duplicate that time. This method is nice and easy and super fast. Can this be done in Samp 11? Thanks Summer2000
  5. Hi - I'm still looking for answer on this. Is it that these functions can't be done in Samp 11 or no one here knows how? Someone please point in the right direction if you know the answer. Thanks, Summer2000
  6. I got what you're saying Greg. Thanks for the tip. Summer2000
  7. I'm also having trouble locating time functions in the manual. How do I insert time between ranges. Same goes for cutting time, pasting, duplicating, and deleting. Thanks. Summer
  8. Hi Greg, I remember reading that in the manual but have not use much. I seem to use Ctrl-D for duplicate more to accomplish looping. Summer2000
  9. Do you guys know where I can get more...preferably free? I'm looking for some nice ones similar to Birdline's skins. I like the new Camo skin except for the LED's on the mixer strips. I wish they had colors like yellow, green, and red. Is there anyway for me to modify this in the settings? Summer2000
  10. Once again you save the day Kraznet!!! I'd been looking for that option all week. I plan on adding it to a hot key for quick usage. Thanks for the speedy response. Summer2000
  11. Can I select a range of objects and then right click and then select something like "loop selected range"? I've been looking for it in Samplitude 11 but can't seem to find it anywhere in the options. Most of the DAWs I've used have this feature in the menus. Summer2000
  12. I was afraid that it would not be a feature on the regular version. Thanks for looking into it though. Summer2000
  13. Hi Kraznet, I couldn't seem to do this in the regular version. Is it possible? Thanks Summer2000 Hi Summer , Welcome to the board . I presume you mean Samplitude 11 not the Pro version ? It seems that it has Elastic Audio Easy . The effect I created was using Direct Mode with the Resample algo . Is that available in your version ? Regards Kraznet Yes I'm referring to 11 and not Pro and yes it has Resample algo. But unlike what you did in the video, I cannot draw a straight line on the wave file to time stretch the clip. All I see are connected dots on the on the sample and I cannot change them to a straight line. Summer2000
  14. Hi Kraznet, I couldn't seem to do this in the regular version. Is it possible? Thanks Summer2000
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