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  1. I like this one very much. Great work!
  2. For bome since I have rules in the preset you will have to download the pro trial version at : http://www.bome.com/products/miditranslator/downloads Extract the file with winrar Install bome In bome open the preset In the line Multi keyboard 3 ch.bmpt right click to project properties Choose the midi input of your keyboard by opening the port you will see in the port state "open" Choose the midi output that will be use by bome to communicate with other software like samplitude same with the port state "open" Save your preset in the preset file of bome that should be in your user documentation in bome folder preset Open samplitude go in setup menu (Y) In midi menu uncheck the midi input of your keyboard Check the midi input you will use with bome Close the menu Create 3 tracks with your vst Each track as ch1, 2, 3 Choose you midi in in your track that you use with bome And you would be able to see when you press your keyboard section the track corresponding to the midi chanel of your keys. That should be good to go.
  3. Hi, Here is the file. On project properties choose you keyboard port for the input and for the ouput use a bome midi port. Close the input port in your samplitude midi menu if you dont want a problem if it is a usb port. The keyboard as to send midi to chanel 1 Vst will receiver on the 1,2 and 3 chanels. Since there is one pitch bend and one modwheel they are use across for all of the 3 at the same time. Maybe I could try to seperate the pitch bend and modwheel depending on the range that it is used. Let me know if you find it useful. Multi keyboard 3 ch.rar
  4. Yes my range are ok the bass will be at ch 1, pad ch 2, lead ch 3. I suppose that the keyboard will send messages at ch 1 and the rest will be routed.
  5. Hi Marc, So what I can do for now is give you the low keys to B1 for your bass sound. C2 to B3 for your pad and C4 to the higher octaves for your lead sounds. How it will work is that the 3 keyboard sections will send note on different chanels so you 3 vst tracks will receive note from 3 channels at the same time giving you the possibility to control 3 of them at the same time. Let me know if it is a good solution for you. We can try afterwards to adjust the range of the pad section if you want. Also I would like to have a more specific spec of your keyboard. Yannick.
  6. Hello Kraznet, Yeah the scanning also is a nightmare I tought you could have a better results. I have also the freezing problem when scaning and as you said there is no message about what is causing the problem. I had a good result one time but after that when I had to reinstall it didn't work. Maybe also sensomusic would be a plugin into the host that could work. plogue bidule or other freeware.
  7. I can try to check it out I have pro version here so I could work something. I dont know if the free version will do it. I will let you know and if I have a preset I will attach it. Dont count on it before thursday. Yannick
  8. You can do it I think with bome midi translator and make a range of note for each chanel. I dont know if your keyboard can send on different chanels. Or use your vst inside independence and then you can choose note range for the selected vst.
  9. Maybe Garritan orchestra. But a librairy for Independence you could check the Engine samples from best service http://www.bestservice.de/en/best_service.html
  10. Okay understand I think that you will have to send the idea to magix.
  11. Hi, I am checking to add a sequencer to my plug in. I tried thesys but I would like also a good arp/chord sequencer. I have demoed Squarhead nora, kirnu cream, xfer chtulu, sugar bytes consequence but the midi out plugin function of samp is not really working great all the time. I have some problem that sometime I have to start my midi note a little bit late in my midi object to get it work or other time to do the opposite. Do some people use a rewier daw like ableton, reason and their RE to use the midi instruments of those daw to have a better communication between the sequencer and samplitude. Thank you for your feedback. Yannick
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