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  1. That was it. The .exe files were in the vst folder, not the dll's. All is well now. Good stuff, thanks a lot!
  2. Trying to break into the whole vsti thing (all through my roland Gr-33 and midi-guitar) and I probably am missing something veeeery basic. Downloaded the kore 2 player, (Kore 2 application to OS drive, library to audio drive) and it works fine as a standalone, but when I scan the vst folders in samp, it still doesn't show up? -Steven
  3. Total newcomer, migrating from adobe (couldn't stand the crashes anymore). Even though I'm setting the bit rate at 24, the files (both in manager, and in the bit-ometer thingy) show the files as 16 bit. ?. When I load a file i just recorded from adobe, it shows as 24 bit (and sometimes 32). Also, when I change the driver from ASIO to MME, I get a notice that I have to change to 16 bit (the notice says "probably b/c your soundcard doesn't support 24 bit). My soundcard is a lynx two. thanks - Steven.
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