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  1. Hi

    I have been using Sequoia 11.  I recently purchased Samplitude Prox5. (not the suite). I really love the software .  However I was slightly disappointed to see that although I am able to run the vintage effects suite (AM-Track, AM-Munition etc.) in Sequoia, this is not possible in Samplitude.

    Interestingly if I open a Sequoia project (from within Samplitude) that has those plugins in the VIP,  the vintage effects are visible .  in fact audio appears to be running through them (you can see this from the meters).  However the controls and templates have no effect.

    I did ask Magix and they said it wasn't possible.  I thought it was a shame as I clearly have a licence to use them.  Do you know of a crafty solution?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Has anyone had any success with this? I am trying to get some audio from Adobe Premiere CS3 into Sequoia. The objects are visible in Sequoia's timeline,but I can't see a way of relinking the audio to the objects. (I'm pretty new to Sequoia so maybe missing something obvious here.) The requred audio files are in the clipstore and the names match. The files are .movs. I have imported both the original movs and ripped audio (wavs) from the movs into the clipstore. - Both with no luck. BTW I'm running XP and Sequoia 11.3. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers :)/>
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