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  1. I have been wanting this for forever... lacking this
  2. Hi... yeah I didnt have any luck using this plug ins with Samplitude.... It needs better individual midi track routing... like Reaper etc for it to work.... I got it working barely using loopbe I think but there were a lot of problems. It was over the summer so I cant remember how it went down exactly.... Alternatively you should look at Mulabs MUX vst... it allows you to stack multiple vsts together and you can link their parameters.... it comes with an lfo and envelope event controller etc.... you could put these plugins inside Mux with your vst and control it all in there....
  3. I posted this on the other Magix forum to no replies... I'm not sure what the plans are for Samplitude Producer or if there will be a 12, but I was hoping they would address a few things for Beatbox drum synth/sampler... It could very easily replace Battery for me except for the following... ---Beatbox 2 should have multi outputs... Currently all the samples only come out of one stereo channel... Its a waste of a good drum machine.. I still have to use Battery for my drums when I should be able to use this instead.. Why have reverbs, delays, filters.. but not be able to route it to its own individual track... When your mixing down you don't mix all the drums on one channel. In addition.. you should also be able to link Beatbox to your own samples folder... Currently the way its set up, you have to drag and drop your samples from the windows explorer screen..I should be able to drag and drop my samples from anywhere... It also makes multiple copies if you have to do it that way.. I already have my samples set up nicely on a separate drive.. I can't move them all into Beatboxs' folder.. Would be a waste of hard drive space...----- just some things I would like to see happen with Beatbox...
  4. Ok great, thanks a lot for the replies.. I will try it that way Thanks
  5. Hello everyone... wondering if there is a way to clone a Vst Instrument onto a new track... currently it doesn't seem like your able to do it... Basically I have an Instrument/VSTi like Massive and I want to clone it the way it is and create a new track with same exact settings, and then I will tweak from where I left off... But it doesn't seem like it allows you to clone vst instruments... It seems like you can only clone vst fx, by using drag and drop. Is that correct? Otherwise I have to go to the original vsti and save the preset inside a folder somewhere, then create a new track and load a new version of the same vsti and then go find the folder and load the preset. Its very time consuming.. Thanks!!!
  6. Ah... ok.. yea I don't have that with Producer.. thanks for the info The menu I'm talking about is in the eFX GUI Compressor window, not the main Samp ones. Again, sorry I don't have Producer to check, but here if I add eFX Compressor as a plugin on a track (select the track in the Arranger window, expand the "Plugins" bar in the Track Editor [below "Audio"], then insert an eFX instance, the compressor GUI opens. The "Side Chain Input" menu item is the third one from the left.
  7. I don't think I have that menu section in Producer.. where would that be in the file menu? Thanks!
  8. Hello.. I 've recently been using Sam 11.5 Producer and really love the sound and workflow, but I am missing one feature. I would like to be able to sidechain, and on the efx compressor there is actually a sidechain button/label but there seems to be no way to connect it to other tracks in order to make it work. I thought about using a sidechain vst instead but there is no way to really connect it either.. Just want to know if I'm sol or if it is possible somehow.. Thx
  9. Hello... I'm trying to set up my Oxygen 8 to control the Automation Fader... I've tried multiple ways... When I go through the Hardware Controller Set up... and I try linking the knobs on my Oxy 8 with the Track Automation, it won't move the automation fader.. I can get it to work with the Automation Set on/off, Automation Read, Automation Latch etc.. but for whatever reason it wont move the Automation fader/slider... I don't know what the problem is.... I've tried it while using my own custom controller set-up, and I've also done edits to the Mackie HUI and the Mackie Controller set-ups.. but nothing seems to be able to move this automation fader for whatever reason. Doesn't really make sense.. everything else will move except that slider Thanks
  10. Thanks for the reply... I tried following that thread before, but still could figure out the work around... I believe there is some sort of work a-round for it but I'm not doing it right..
  11. Hello.. wondering if anyone could help me.. I have MS 15, and it comes with Revolta 2, but some of the presets that come with the download packs dont work... It gives an error message and says Faild to Load.. revolta.dll It seems like theres a work around for it.. But I haven't been able to get it to work Thanks
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