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  1. why not?) although there is no ready preset for it, but you can make it manually.
  2. i have question about whole am-suite. Does it include am-munition? Yesterday I wanted to try it as trial version, but while i was trying to install the suite it showed me the error about unknown windows version (I have windows 7 x86). So who is wrong, my windows or the installer?)
  3. Yep. That's the one! Thanks for going through the trouble. you can see one of offiicial samplitude's tutorial (i believe it was made by kraznet) about multiple outputs in Kontakt. Here it's quite the same. But you have only 8 instruments per instance of this player. First you choose vsti and in the menu choose multi-channels. Then samplitude will create 8 or 16 tracks which depends on the boxes you've checked. So you load instruments and determine midi channels (which number will be increased automatically by default while you add new instrument)l and outputs for them (which will remain 1/2 despite you add new instruments). So if you want to assign new instrument to certain track you should change output of the instrument in the EWQLSO player manually.
  4. Well, if u have 64-bit os then it will make sense to use 64-bit host program. Though there are some plug-ins (32-bit ones) that have some problems while running under the 64-bit host. In that case u can use special soft that let u run 32-bit plug-ins under 64-bit os, for example jbridge which wll cost u about 15 bucks.
  5. Thaks, but a new problem is how to deal with multiple tempo-markers, when there is only one object. Cause when i make several markers and time-stretch object's end consequentially, Samplitude does some math and applies somehow average tempo to the object (using tempo-markers and project tempo i guess). So instead of changing tempo at certain marker it uses its new average tempo for the whole length of object. And if i want gradual tempo increase, i know how to do it with tempo-markers ("interpolate/slide tempo"), but again it will affect only metronom and grid lines, how shoud i stretch single object to the gradually shrinking/expanding grid?) Geez, it will be so much easier with tempo-track like in Cubase/Nuendo)
  6. I'm not sure whether it's mistake of my program or it's its feature, but when i'm marking track with tempo markers the only thing that happens is changing of metronom speed. So tempo changes don't affect (time-stretch) objects. Though, the grid is changing right and snap to grid (beats/bar) is active. So is it a program mistake?, or tempo-markers are used only for adapting vip tempo to object tempo?
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