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  1. If it did run, I wouldn't be that surprised. I just pssed on a 2.9GHz X2 to a mate and when we installed his ( very ) old Cubase system with all the audio tracks he was working on, the CPU ran at "0" - zero! He was running a 1200 Duron before at about 50%. When I put Reaper on my present system, it was totally clean and quiet. I put Samp on it and I needed to turn the power management up to a straight "performance" with no changes to get rid of the glitches. I think this was because Reaper was below the power management program? I've got a box of CPU's here ranging up from about 100MHz, no motherboards though. I just found a 1300 Athlon Thunderbird in mint condition on an old family PC with no games on it. I don't think it's even been run warm. It'll be worth about half a million quid in 500 years! I had a hard time moving from Win 98, but through XP, some Linux and now Win 7, I have to say, well done MSoft, I'l go for an upgrade to Win 8. Hwyl Half a million quid I learned a lot from Windows 98. Had I not use it I would have never learned how valuable backing up your files could be. I have two very old laptop computers no longer functioning. I really have no idea why haven’t thrown them in the rubbish bin. One is a 200 MHz Pentium II while the other is, I believe a, Pentium III. I wonder if Samplitude 11 will function on a Pentium III?
  2. LOL ! Now you could have gone to Reaper and used only half of that ! .......but oh yes, you would have had to download and install another program to do it. :-/ Sorry Reaper folks, keep it up, you're sure to be one of the best in the future - you're one of the best now and it was a close run thing between Reaper 3.75 and Samp 11 Pro, for me anyway. That says........something. 64 MB was common in 1997-98. Reaper arrived years later. I don't believe Reaper will operate properly on a 400 mHz computer using Windows 98. Maybe I will connect my old AMD K6 and try it one day. Cheers.
  3. I was sold on Samplitude when it enabled me to edit a two-hour mp3 file on Windows 98 using 64 MB of Ram. Cheers!
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