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  1. OK. Here's a chance for EVERYBODY to chime in. I've been playing drums for 45 yrs, and recording other digital audio for 25. Although, I've rubbed elbows, and am respected by VERY accomplished musicians, I don't claim to know even half as much as the reams of volumes that others have already forgotten. I've never had one formally taught course, or lesson. All I know is that other extremely capable, and experienced musicians that have heard my work, and mixes has always complimented my work. As far as reverb, some of them say "Well, I might not put quite as much reverb, but I don't think your mix is "WRONG", or distasteful, or illustrates a particular incompetence, or ignorance about how to apply reverb. SOO, having said that, is there any consensus, or general rule that I'm not aware of for applying reverb, other than your EAR? PLEEZE bleed all over this.
  2. Siriusbliss, My apologies for the improper posting location. However, I AM a newcomer, and I simply thought that there would be more Sam Pro support personnel monitoring this forum; hence my placement. I will place it in the other forum now. As for the issue at hand, does that right-click manifests itself in MIDI only? Meaning, if I import an external wav file into a project, and happen to know the key signature, and insert it where you suggested will Sam Pro apply that knowledge to the wav file so I can change the key signature in the file to another key...LIKE SONAR DOES VERY WELL! Here's the basic issue of my frustration. The Sam Pro developers should not only understand that inserting/changing a Key Signature is not just a VERY, VERY basic feature, but even more fundamental, there are THREE...3 BASIC components of EVERY PIECE of music ever written...A Key Signature(s), Time Signature(s), and Tempo. Why on earth would ANY DAW designer...world class even...dream of leaving ANY ONE of those critical elements out...ESPECIALLY when they include the other TWO? Even further, I see such unnecessary other "features" that aren't really necessary, and certainly do not fill such a critical necessity as this does. Please understand, my ire, and anger isn't aimed at you, but where else am I going to vent? Yes, I have written support directly, but have yet to have gotten an answer. P.S. I noticed that even though I checked the "Follow this topic" box, I didn't get any notification. I just happened to come back and check it. Thanks for your reply, though.
  3. I've used DAW's for 25 yrs, and I've NEVER seen ONE that wouldn't let you establish a key signature. So, for a DAW that considers itself "world-class", yet has NOWHERE to establish a key signature, just like you establish a time signature, or tempo (You DO KNOW that a key signature is as basic component to a composition as either of the other 2 components. And HEY, I'm a freakin' drummer, and I know that!!!). Not to mention, there are key signature CHANGES, just like time signature, and tempo changes! BUT NOOO!!! NOWHERE in your whole freakin' program, manual, ANYWHERE do you allow a user to change this ultra critical factor. Furthermore, I've posted numerous posts on this forum, and have yet to have gotten ANY replies. THE ONLY HELP I've gotten for this stinking software has been from the retailer/distributor. PLEASE FIX YOUR SOFTWARE...OH! AND BTW GET ONBOARD WITH OTHER DAW'S AND CREATE AN INSTRUMENT DEFINITION FORMAT THAT TRANSLATES WITH OTHER DAWS!!!
  4. Kraznet, I acknowledge your guruness on Samplitude Pro X, and indeed, I have watched all of them; especially the ones regarding Object Editing, Wave Editing, Ranges. I've also read all of the entries in the users manual about those topics but nothing really gets through. Specifically, because right now I'm using it primarily as a wave editor (although, I'm aware it has volumes more capability), I used to use Audition 1.5, and Sonar 8.5.3. I just mention those if it makes it easier for you to make analogies. I need to use Samplitude for things like pitch correction (which I'm pretty comfortable with at this point), deleting sections/ranges. I also like to save something like a lead vocal in usually 3 different phases. 1st phase would be the pure RAW version, no FX, or editing. 2nd phase, with all the other editing LESS the reverb, and finally the final phase with reverb. Here's a short list I don't understand how to use. 1.) How to delete previous takes in the Take Mgr. I understand I can use it to take clips, and make composite takes. I'm just not ready to get that advanced just yet. 2.) Whenever I try to delete sections or ranges it won't let me because it says it's currently tied to the VIP, or something, and I can't figure out how to "UNTIE" it. 3.) Ranges: I've read everything I can find about this, and nothing works. When I click on the upper half of a track, and try to create a range, it turns orange, but when I move the mouse, it moves the whole clip, but doesn't let me create a range. I REALLY do appreciate whatever help you can offer. Thanks, George
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