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  1. hey thanks. i will ignore that bit of the app for now then... Though it does make me curious as to how it's SUPPOSED to work, i'm watching some of your vids at the moment. you seem to be the only source i have found that has SAM covered in a substantial way... it puzzles me a little, that a powerful program like SAM has a pitiable amount of info generally. anyway, laterz : )
  2. Yes i have. You are one of the main sources of info on SAM. in most cases the ONLY source. so thanks for that. most times i will keep going until i can figure it out. but yesterday i just felt totally dispirited because i had set out to work on some music and ended up doing none, just an eon of messing with settings and such. so was mitharing a bit. apologies for that. i'll go and look at your channel in a bit. if you could advise about the Sections business, that would be excellent.
  3. On this occassion, sections. i cannot get my head around them and it's driving me crazy because i cannot find any help online. zilch. the manual doesn't make it any clearer. when i open a section, i save the zoom in the window but whenever i open the sections again, it has reset to just showing black background. sam is a great program but there ought to be a tonne of tutorials or info about these things. navigating the interface is a real problem - to me, it seems unintuitive. it's putting me off bigtime. if i make a selection in the main window then go to a section and zoom in, i lose the selection. when i open a section 2 or 3 they not only have blank windows, they are zoomed out to a massive amount so i have to try and get to the clip back to the start. again, if i zoom in on the selection it clears the selection in the main window. and vice-versa... anyway, any clear help or info would be appreciated. thx
  4. good lord, i stand ashamed. i can't thank you enough... that should keep me quiet for quite some time ( although i am enjoy mr kraznet's videos) i don't know why i didn't look before. i guess because F1 takes you to the shitty 'Help'.. peace
  5. how to use it lol.. is it destructive editing for example.... can you do slicing.. and make samples to post onto timeline? i have to tell you, since yesterday i have started to connect with this program and it's really boiling my potatoes right now... also, is there a manual AT ALL that i could get, like a pdf?? the help is useless ta
  6. excellent, that is so much better now i am getting some scroll behaviour now, but it still seems a bit tricky and not so intuitive. i'll work it out i am sure.. And do you know of any help for WAVE projects? i can't find any here thankyou so much for your advice m You need to have loop mode turned on (click Loop on the transport) in order to retain the range when dragging up or down. this was a matter of sorting some preferences . i am a happy boy now.. thx Regards Kraznet
  7. ok. so , i am just back home and reading posts and realizing that most of my issues are interface issues. most are solvable, the customization is top notch. but there are one or two oddities i cannot solve in spite of looking. my main frustration is zooming in and out i hate the way every time i insert a new track it inserts it filling up the track view. it is a right-click context menu item "Maximize Track which is always ticked by default. i want my tracks to start relatively small in track height, is that possible? one really maddening thing is i am so used to scrolling with the mouse wheel but t does not work on Sam, not on mine anyway and it drives me crazy, i have to go and click on the scroll bar... i know i can customize all this in time, but any help to get there is appreciated. I would love if you are able to lock the size of a track so it is unaffected bu the other resizing. concerning more general topics, i would love to understand the 'WAV project aspect" as a lot of what i do is cutting up and manipulating audio, but ( sorry to repeat) i am getting nowhere fast with the 'Help'! there are other things but i am a bit tired now.. oh, whats up with the 'Sections view' it looks really useful but i cannot get the hang of it... one last thing for now, i am very conditioned to highlight something on the timeline and then use the bars/beats measure at the top my dragging down or up to zoom in and out. however, when i do, the selection is removed. oh, and i think i know the answer to this but, no support for REX files?! really. that's wierd. i have a fair amount that i cannot use, but hey, into each life some rain must fall eh... sorry if these are a bit dim -witted... that's because i am a tad.. thanks for any advice you lovely peoples
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