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  1. All new futures in 9.1 are amazing.

    Inactive state of VST+VSTFX is one of the most important futures for me.

    I have 2 gb ram AND 2 UAD-1 cards.I have some very ram hungry VSTI(one alone eats 1.2 gb ram).

    And inactive UAD plugs state is like a dreams become realitty future.

    And first time I see UAD stereo and mono under VSTFX properly.

    Buying more ram is not an option becouse of UAD(not working with more then 2 gb ram).UAD team is working on solution(driver) or at least I hope they do for Vista 32 and 64.

    Deep respect for developers again.


  2. I have similar problem 6 years ago(Akai S100) and someone from the other side of planet helps me out.

    Beside of that we have a lot of very cool and very smart people with a lot of knovledge on Sam forum.Thanks to them my learning curve was and still is very fast.Not to mention a very useful things which is not found on manual.

    They save me zillion times with their solutions when problems come.

    SAM forum is one of the best forums I ever seen.

    Back to making music now. :lol:


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