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  1. Dear Producers, I purchased the Third Party Version of Independence Pro for Logic Pro X as I work with Logic Pro X on a Mac. The Lib sounds good, so I gave it a shot. after a while of installation the activation of the Independence Pro software seemed to work with the first of two P2 Codes. Now, there is a message which makes me wondering about the activation of the Library Content which is programmed in terms to be activated too, I guess at least. "The library "Independence Library" is not activated!" I am not used to ideas like that and I cannot find a menu to input the second p2 code for the content I received from the company. There is neither a hint nor an input field is being shown, as might be expected from a consumer. Maybe this might be important in a certain way: I moved the library content folder to the SSD of my newly installed system HD, which certainly is not a problem with well known other common software. Here´s some more magical messages to be seen in the attachments: When trying to find the files manually, some message boxes appear saying the file cannot be read and stuff like that... The software and the library content is installed and some authorization code is here, now let´s use some Independence Pro How would you more MAGIX experienced guys handle this Plug In to become fully functional? Please regard me as wanting to be a user not a kind of programming guy dedicating no more unnecessary time in finding out the logic behind securing purchased software THX a lot for everybody´s energy and patience helping me out!!
  2. Hi, after purchase, installing manually update files as suggested by MAGIX and locating the library folder in the prefs, still: "The library Independence Library is not activated" good information, I see, besides good idea, sure but: how to activate? I certainly own the activation code, too. Just a small step, I know, but How? Ah: Maybe I have to say I moved the library content folder after setting up a new system to another drive, as usual not a problem, I feel. THX
  3. Hi, Is it possible to double click the vip icon to automatically open Seq12 instead of Seq13 as default setting on my computer? Both Versions (12 & 13) are installed. THX
  4. Hi, Is it possible to double click the vip icon to automatically open Seq12 instead of Seq13 as default setting on my computer? THX
  5. Dear Composers, I got this message after not using the independence player for a while an reloading my library folder THX for your advice in How to get access to the pro sample library . It has been authorized a while ago so if there is trick... Its a MAC running OSx 10.9.5 Best regards Tim
  6. okay I´ll try a little harder changing individual note length in the midi editor THX for your help!! Is there a good video out there for this?
  7. Newbie here, too. checked back all I could find and know from my more experienced software, with modifier keys also. Feels as if I switched in a lock mode somewhere, but not sure. Continous (non quantized) length changes with intuitive mouse motion are not possible at the moment, only fixed quantization settings (w/ note buttons) changing all visible notes. This behaviour is good for quantizing chords to the grid, sure. I am looking for a more polyphonic approach. But Sometimes it might be the case not to lay the note on a grid given length. Looking forward learning how to...! Any suggestions are welcome THX a lot
  8. After a while I figured out, that manual graphical note change might not be possible. At the moment it looks like a limitation in fixed note lengths offered by the software. Another thing I could not solve is that all notes are changing lengths when clicking the offered note length boxes, not only the choosen highlighted ones. In this manner polyphonic composition / editing could not be possible. Say: two 16th notes over one eights note and such. I am just starting yet, forgive me for asking this way coming from foreign sequencer software If there should be a way to use the piano roll editor more individually for this, please leave a note. THX!
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