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  1. Well, Johnny, I'll forgive you for one. :-) Terry
  2. The MIDI standard handles that based upon what is being sent by your controller. The most demanding pianists get perfectly acceptable results without "adjusting" anything other than the controller's sensitivity curves. What controller are you using? Terry
  3. Check in the System Settings what your default playback device is set to. This turned into a "gotcha" for me a few weeks ago when I'd set it up to default to "Phones" and had forgotten I had done so! When that is pointing to the wrong place, you need to manually change each track to point to an audible output. What most do is create a "Master" track (or in my case, a "Pre-Master" track where my plugins reside before the master track) and make sure that one sends to an audible output, and then bus everything to that track. Terry
  4. Are you using version 3.5 or 3.6? I had that problem with 3.6. It tells you at the bottom of the preferences tab what version it is. Terry
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  11. Download it from the Magix Service Center. https://www.magix.com/us/support/pro-audio-downloads/ Terry
  12. This is the Independence section (a sampler that comes with many versions of Samplitude) - try the one at the top for this question if you want people to see it. Samplitude Software related topics (English) Terry
  13. Yes, but put them back into the location Samp expects to find them in when you do a re-install. Terry
  14. \Documents\MAGIX Downloads\Installationsmanager is where mine were put for Pro X3. \Documents\MAGIX Downloads\ProX4SuiteInstallationManager is where Pro X4 was placed. Terry
  15. As I mentioned in the replica of this thread elsewhere, when I tried installing the 3.6 version shared here this started happening to me. Reverting to the 3.5 version (that is in my downloads area, though I believe the downloads area states it is 3.3 - it is not, it is 3.5), well, that fixed everything. Terry
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