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About Me

First tape recorder at age 9. Second at age 13. Third at age 14. I can stop a fast-forwarding or rewinding reel-to-reel or cassette tape at precisely the point between songs from the "feel" alone. Electronic music at age 16 (circuit-bending my Farfisa Mini Compact organ). Studied Electronic Music Composition and Multi-Media Performance and Conceptual Art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, where I began as a sneak-in student for three months, and after being caught, was invited to apply as a full-time student due to how prolific I had been (frantically thinking each day would be my last getting access to the synthesizer studio, which had two EMS VCS 3 "Putney" synths and a four-track Sony tape deck. Heavenly!) Accepted as first non-visual artist in the school's long history after a double-sized admissions board consisting of 24 faculty members finally decided to let me in. I'm an "artist-type".

Computer 1 : Dell XPS 8700-1751BLK | Intel Haswell Core i7 4790@3.6Mhz | 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz | NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 | MOTU Ultralite mk3 hybrid audio interface via Firewire | MOTU MIDI Express XT interface, Opcode 8Port/SE, and MOTU 828 mk3 hybrid's MIDI | Windows 10 Pro x64 | HiSense 43" 4K TV as monitor, AOC E2752S 27" LED monitor | MidiQuest 11.3 Pro Patch Librarian
Computer 2 : HP Envy | AMD A10 @3.9Mhz | 12GB DDR3 1600Mhz | Windows 10 Pro x64 | Focusrite Sapphire 2i2 | iConnectivity MIO Midi interface | AOC E2752S 27" LED monitor 
Computer 3 : HP p6620f | AMD Phenom II X4 830 @2.6Mhz | 12GB DDR3 PC3-10600 | Focusrite Sapphire 2i2 | iConnectivity MIO Midi interface | Windows 10 x64 Home edition | Samsung SyncMaster B2430HD 24" LCD display
DAWs and Live Performance : Samplitude Pro X3 Suite DC2 | Samplitude Pro X4 Suite DP3 | MOTU Digital Performer 10.01 | Cakewalk Sonar Platinum | Harrison Mixbus 4 | Cantabile 3 Performer
Keyboards: Synths: Kawai K5000s, Korg Wavestation; Controllers: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S-88 mk1, S-49 mk2; Akai MPK249 (Red), MPK225 (Black); Alesis QX49; Korg Poly800 (as a controller only); Peavey PC1600x slider box; Rack Modules: Korg Wavestation SR, Ensoniq ESQm, Yamaha TX81Z (2); Hardware synths managed via MidiQuest 11 Pro.
Synth plugins: Linplug Spectral, CRX4, MorphoX,
Octopus, Alpha Pro, Organ3, Relectro, RMV; Korg Legacy Collection Wavestation, M1, Mono/Poly, PolySix, MS-20, Legacy Cell; Samplitude Independence Pro; Arturia V Collection 7; Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2, Rapture Pro, Dimension Pro; XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Addictive Drums; SONiVOX Twist, Orchestral Companion Strings; AIR Hybrid3, Xpand!2, Loom 2, Vacuum Pro, Velvet, DB33, Mini Grand, Strike, Structure, theRiser, Transfuser; MOTU MX4; Xils-Labs Oxium, PolyKB III, Xils 4; Plogue AlterEgo, sforzando; Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate; SoundIron Traveler Organ, Theremin+; KV331 Synthmaster 2, Synthmaster One; Waves Grand Rhapsody.

Tutorial videos : www.youtube.com/tbritton33

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