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  1. Hi! Sorry ,I rememered it wrong about the remove button, that's only available in Best Service "Engine" which is basicly a reskined version of Independence Free (but Engine seems more up to date). But the open button do apply to the latest Independece. If you click open without selecting a folder nothing happens as you descibed, if you select a folder that not include a library and click open you will get an error no valid libary, if you select an folder with a valid libary and click open it just add the path no other conformation ... Then to remove a library in Independence you need to move or remane the library folder, then it will show missing in the library path, click refresh and it will be removed, now you can add the new path to your G drive ... Regards Thomas
  2. Hi BAKTRAK! Did get it sorted? Things has changed a bit since that video ... The old version of Independence in Kraznets video has the "Ok" button but the new later version has the "Open" button instead. The new version also has a "remove library" button as well as the "add library" (the old version didn't have the remove one), use that to remove the path to the library on your C drive (it only removes the reference path in Independence, the folder and files will remain there. Then select the folder on your G drive and click Ok, then it should accept the new path ... Regards Thomas
  3. Hi Baktrak! It seems that all tracks of your demo project are selected, that's why all tracks gets muted & soloed by clicking just one button and that's also why you get that red flag on all mute/solo buttons ... the red flag shows the latest clicked item. As for the global solo & mute buttons, they toggle on & off the latest selected solos & mutes. Regards Thomas
  4. Hi Ian! As I recall Pro Tools don't support VST plugins only their own AAX format and Independence Free is only available as VST you need a plugin adapter/wrapper like Blue Cat's PatchWork to load it, not free but it is the only one I know of that support AAX: https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_PatchWork/https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_PatchWork/ Regards Thomas
  5. Hi Larry! Samplitude should by default save all these files in your "SongTitle" folder including your WAV files, but no Audio subfolder for WAV's. By default your projects are saved in your document folder, you can change that location in Options, System (or press Y) Program/General, New Virtual Projects. Regards Thomas
  6. A non-stop Kraznet video marathon sound like a great Christmas :-) Btw Talisdream, I also have Cakewalk Sonar Platinum installed, but using Samplitude as my main DAW and running some of the Cakewalk Sonar instruments & plugins successfuly in Samplitude :-) Regards Thomas
  7. That's great news Talisdream, now you can have a joyful holiday :-) Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
  8. Hi again! All these things sound right except you should see the incoming midi notes in the light blue track as pink dots & lines as you record, they turns blue when recording stops. But here on my machine the track is not light blue more like light greenish, just got Prox2 on my office computer, don't have access to my ProX3 right now. Regards Thomas
  9. Hi Talisdream ... and Kraznet & Terry! I doesn't sounds like it's a midi driver problem as you can play the VSTi from you keyboard. When you try to record can you visually see a midi take being created on the track? And when stopping recording do you get a dialog window asking "Recording OK" Yes or Delete? The piano roll on the left in the midi editor is just for audition notes , it doesn't record the notes. Regards Thomas
  10. Yeah, thanks for sharing Peter, great work! ... & thanks Greg for bringing up this post I agree, Samplitude is absolutely the best DAW for mixing live recordings, love it, object editing rocks!
  11. Hi rbhan! Yes I can confirm that it works on Win7 64. What version of Independence are you running? Independence has no vst-bridge so Independence64-bit can only run 64-bit plugins & Independence32-bit can only run 32-bit plugins. Beacuse both 32 & 64 versions share the same vst-folder you need to make sure that you only have 64-bit plugins in that folder if you running the 64-bit Independence and vice versa. Another way to run VSTi's in Independence is instead of putting the VST-files in the Independence VST-folder is to make a shortcut the folder where you keep your 32-bit or 64-bit plugins and put that shortcut in the Independence VST-folder, Independence will scan that linked folder and if you would like to use the other version you just change the link. Regards Thomas
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