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About Me

ABOUT: Brother Charles

Brother Charles is a freelance writer, audio-product review specialist, Gospel music artist, educator and minister. Charles had been a professional touring & recording musician during the nineties; working primarily as a lead guitarist in the Canadian country music industry.

Brother Charles has a wealth of live sound experience and now has his finger on the pulse of professional music producing and quality home-based recording.

Brother Charles is a graduate, with distinction, from Cape Breton Business College. His discipline of study was "Information Technology and Business Programming".

ABOUT: Reviewer's Revival

Since its launch in August of 2012, Reviewer's Revival has become one of Canada's foremost audio-software press coverage agents. The mandate and goal of this undertaking was, and still is, to support and promote audio software & hardware developers - and their products.

Brother Charles created this blog site fueled by a committed desire to provide a high-caliber information medium. A medium by which home producers and small studio owners can be well-informed of good-quality, affordable audio plugins, DAWs, applications and Pro hardware.

Reviewer's Revival has been successfully collaborating with various developers, from all over the world, in a concerted effort to help them realize continued success.

 Over at RR you will find thorough, professionally published reviews and links to well-prepared show n' tell video presentations.
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