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  1. Does the audio to midi function in pro x4 work, I tried it but kept getting undesirable results.
  2. When can we expect new birdskins for pro x6
  3. Hi guys need a little help, maybe I'm missing something, but when I drag a loop into an empty project, the project seem to inherit the tempo of the loop, instead of the opposite, also when I audition a loop with bpm on it still plays back at the loop tempo, hope I'm making sense... Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, How do I stop the waveform from resizing when I lower the fader in pro x4. Thanks.
  5. Is there a feature in samplitude pro x3 to have the cursor stop at end of project? I'm sure I just I'm just not looking in the right place... Thanks...
  6. Great news for sonar users, I found a new home here with samplitude, can't go back.
  7. Ghost faders are creepy, they scare me...
  8. Happy 2018 to my samplitude family, lets all make great music!!!
  9. Hey Bitsync, Did you get your MCU issues resolved, I'm new to samplitude, and I'm having issues with my MCU, like you can't get my meters in the display to work, I have basic function, transport, track solo, mute, record, and select all work, automation and fader banks all work, everything else is dead,.. My unit works very well in other DAW's...
  10. Is there an input trim function in samplitude, I couldn't find it on the channel strip, is it hidden someplace....
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