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  1. On 7/11/2013 at 11:23 AM, bitSync said:

    I guess I'm doing the Samplitude Pro X moonwalk a little bit. I asked my retailer to cancel the sale for the time being until I sort out a few things.

    I was working with the Samplitude Pro X x64 demo version last night and was disappointed to see that there were issues with level metering on my Mackie Control Protocol (MCP) control surface. I one case, one of the channels' ladder LEDs froze pinned at the max level regardless of playback status. The only way to resolve it was to reboot Samplitude. In another case, a channel that had audio playing back going showed no signal activity on the corresponding control surface channel level ladder LED meter (although active in the GUI) while the other channels playing back audio showed the expected channel level ladder LED meter activity. I was never able to resolve that problem.

    In all fairness, I suppose the problem could be shared by both Samplitude and my MCP control surface, but that control surface, when operated with a different DAW software, has its control surface channel level ladder LED meters acting exactly as they should - active when they should be and never pinned to the max without regard to signal activity, that is, behaving just like the DAW GUI channel level meters.

    I think I'll use the rest of my trial period before reconsidering my decision about purchasing. If the MCP metering is broken then that will probably be a deal breaker for me. Too bad since the rest of the MCP implementation seems very solid, so far.

    Also, I was surprised to find only a single VSTi in the Samplitude Pro X Suite demo (a MAGIX synth whose name escapes me). Maybe I'm just not finding the folder(s) for the other instruments?.

    Hey Bitsync,

    Did you get your MCU issues resolved, I'm new to samplitude, and I'm having issues with my MCU, like you can't get my meters in the display to work, I have basic function, transport, track solo, mute, record, and select all work, automation and fader banks all work, everything else is dead,.. My unit works very well in other DAW's...

  2. Hi all, my name is Carl, by now I assume everyone is aware that Sonar went belly up, well, I've decided to jump on board the Samp train..

    I'm totally loving the software, it's only been a few days, still learning the ins and outs...I have one question, does samplitude have a cpu meter? I'm pretty sure it does, just don't know where to find it...At my age these things happen, lol...

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