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  1. rraud

    New file issue(s)

    In the 64 bit version of SFP-16, when selecting a 'New' file to record to, the new 'Layout' parameter seems to be set to "Discrete #2" by default which only records to channel 2 of a stereo file. In the x86 (32 bit) version, selecting a 'New', file causes the program to crash, there are no error messages, it just closes down after a few seconds.
  2. The Direct X Preset name does not appear when the plugin is used again. The field now shows 'Untitled' instead of the last used Preset's name.
  3. rraud

    SFP-16 Publlshed

    .. but not for beta testers
  4. Sorry of the delay, I usually do not frequent this forum. I assume this to be the latest build of VV II. https://dl03.magix.net/variverbII_int.exe rraud, Sound Forge forum moderator
  5. UPDATE: At some point prior to installing build 161, I may have changed the "Transport> Toggle Pause" keyboard command, (though I do not recall doing so). Re-creating the Enter=Toggle Pause' keyboard command shortcut re-enabled it I am still not sure if this was an isolated occurrence on my system or an issue with the build.
  6. SFP-15, Build 161 I have discovered the Spacebar / Enter keyboard command both do the same thing now.. With "Options> Preferences> General> 'F12 instead of.... enabled, they are just reversed, and still do the same thing , it is just reversed L Spacebar is 'Pause' and Enter is 'pause' as well. Otherwise, the Stop/Pause/Play toolbar and menu Transport commands function normally. At this time I do not know if this is an isolated occurrence. Can anyone else confirm this, Build 161 behavior?? one step forward. one step back..
  7. Thia may be specific to my PC, but.. when using my Dell XPS 15 touchpad, after selecting the header in the 'Processing' or Export context menus part of (or all) of the context list disappears when cursor is moved down to scroll for a specific item. Sometime it displays a broken or partial menu, When using a mouse or trackball, it seems to fucnction normally ... though in general, the list could be better isolated from the existing items in the background. Thia applies to the NEW Batch Converter in both SFP-14 and 15, In addition.. the Direct X plug-ins in the BC processing menu has a "VEGAS" prepend example; "VEGAS Wave Hammer". bizarre.
  8. In the 'Transport' menu, the 'Go to' Start (and End) commands no longer work. The associated keyboard shortcuts (default or custom created) do not work either. The same for the associated toolbar commands. AFAIK, previous published and beta builds of SFP-15 did not exhibit this behavior. See the comments in the main Sound Forge users forum
  9. This is not a bug. it is a result of the modal plug-in chainer that was introduced in SFP-11. To mirror the legacy behavior, use "Apply plug-in chain" in the 'Fx Favorites' menu. There is a 'Preview' to audition the audio in real time and the 'OK' button to apply the process'. Unfortunately, automation cannot be used in this mode. I typically use the SFP project file mode when automation is needed, and 'Render as' to create a processed file. Many folks, including myself, prefer the legacy chainer in SFP-10 and prior. I questioned this change whilst beta testing SFP-11, but there was no response from SCS (Sony Creative Software). .. I also questioned the 'Record' UI change and removal of the Remote record option. I received no response there either. <end rant>.| Magix brought the remote record feature back recently. Otherwise, I can confirm the annoying behavior that David stated.
  10. in the new Batch Converter, the 'Normalize' process is missing. It was available in the legacy batch tool. Some folks have requested 'Normalize' be available in the plug-in chainer, which it never has been AFAIK.
  11. SF Pro 'Normalize', process, add -14 LUFS, the 'standard'' loudness for internet music streaming (or close to it, depending on which streaming service.. YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Sound Check , ect) -16 LUFS as well for narrative streaming. Some users have stated they would like the 'Normalize' process to available in the plug-in chainer.
  12. For some reason, links to Google Drive and pCloud do not work.. the same behavior with three different browsers (MS Edge, Firefox and Pale Moon). I found a work-a-round by having image file to my website, copy the image location and change the http to https.. bazaar it is a PITA though. As I stated, another forum I frequent, uses the same forum service, that has the option to drag an image file in or select it locally or use the insert from URL which does not require a secure 'http' Sorry for going off-topic'
  13. German.. I do not know, here is screenshot of the script list display. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PcwPH0x7j_et7lOkjFnstsujlvJ3cFa-/view?usp=sharing btw, For some reason, I cannot insert an image file into this forum.. (by 'insert ULR' dragging or otherwise. The JW Audio group uses the same forum service and images can be inserted there without issue ???
  14. Unassuming the builds are the English versions, some items in the 'script' menu have German 'wording' ( Diropen, Derfade, Dirnormalize, ect. )
  15. The (new) Batch Converter's context menus behaves erratically when a PC's global DPI display setting is other than 100%. The context menu disappears when attempting to scroll the menu items and/or only shows a few of the items. There are frequent blank spaces as well, when it does show items, The same using the up/down keys to scroll. Other drop down context menus do not exhibit this behavior. I currently do not have second Win 10 PC to confirm the finding.
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