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  1. I'm sorry, Phil, I've had health problems in the last few days and I didn't remember the progress of this vote.
  2. Cool, man! Keep it up! Anyway, I had not noticed anything wrong or bad ...
  3. Hey, @Happy Mike, why did you remove the video??? It's really cool, I like it!
  4. Oh... thanks for that, In fact, I was wrong ... it must be anxiety, since I like this tool very much...
  5. Version 9.0.2 is out. Can anyone tell if there have been improvements?
  6. Yes, I think so! Thanks for sharing that!
  7. One more vote for the collection. You are very competitive, how cool! Come on, friends of the forum! It's very quick and easy to vote!
  8. Yes. A legendary genius. And below, you can watch and hear the Master talking with Tim Dolbear about AM-Munition, at 03'46'':
  9. Yeah... I'm going to change my approach with the plugin, I am convinced that I am neglecting in fundamental ways. And about eFX Limiter, this is already an old acquaintance of mine. Very light and incredibly powerful. Fits easy into any project! Thank you so much for everything!
  10. Yes! It's interesting to see how many elite limiters fail in my projects (Hard Rock / Heavy Metal) when I need to remaster songs that have been very compressed. To keep them at an RMS volume of, say, -10dBFS, the peaks generally decrease and the wave takes on a small flat shape even though the volume is strong (-10dBFS RMS). AM-Munition is the only processor I don't see this happening, which amazes me. The waves retain their natural design and the peaks freely strike the specified top (-0.1dB) without any forced decrease. The way AM-Munition handles transients is, to put it mildly, spectacular. Yeah ... I have serious reason to believe that my relationship with AM-Munition has failed all these years because I didn't handle it properly, even though I'm not an equalization lover... Here is a fundamental explanation. In fact, I've always calibrated the saturation sliders in every way imaginable, really being certain that this way I'd get warmer or at least less "cold" sound. Yes, as I said above, whenever the result didn't satisfy me, I focused on saturation sliders. My frustration is that I know what AM-Munition is and its potential, but I have never been satisfied with it. However, with the repeated rereading of your explanations, I begin to believe that my approach to the plugin is unfair and cruel. AM-Munition is not a doctor or pharmacist to cure previous oversights. I see here that my approach to it really needs to change so that it can deliver what is to be expected of him and not what I want it to do. Processors preceding AM-Munition in the plugin chain should be handled with more caution on my part. It's a unique tool and I see that I shouldn't be treating it the same way as more conventional ones. More than that, it is quite true that a certain lack of patience with the calibration of these sliders (saturation) contributed a lot to a quick disappointment. I need to talk to him again. I need to hear better and more carefully what it has to teach and show me. Patience is a virtue and insistence is the path of success. I have no adequate words to express my thanks for the time you have decided to devote to this topic. I am very grateful indeed.
  11. Interesting... I'm still waiting for 10/15 secs to load an O9 plugin into the X4. And it's not X4 fault.
  12. Yes. We all need an update! O7 and O8 are still great and much better to load. I think the new scalable skin is the villain.
  13. The same here!!! And many users of other DAWS have also experienced this delay. I am disappointed! Good news, I'm going to check this out, thanks for that!!
  14. OK, it is quite possible that I did not have a cognitive level at the height of great technical specifications, but in the case of this topic, when I referred to "cold" I was focused on the prevalence of mid-high frequencies that the results were presenting me. I don't like to use EQs indiscriminately. I avoid them. In my perception of the results, AM-Munition delivers a very nice, open sound - as you might expect from Optos Compressors - but at the same time I felt that this "opening" also ended up contributing more "treble" end results like if high-mid frequencies were injected, and that's what kept me from the plugin. However, it is very possible that my lack of dexterity caused this...
  15. WOW... Thanks for your collaboration, @Sascha!!! This explanation will surely make me reflect and better define the sound quality I like to handle in my projects! I'm a big fan of your work, and I always feel very honored by your appearances in my modest debates! Thank you very much!
  16. Hi all. iZotope Ozone 9 has been officially released. Is anyone here already testing it with Samp?
  17. hi, @hyper.real. Thanks for reading this topic. AM-Munition is a fabulous tool, but unfortunately it doesn't fit on my projects (audio mastering for friends who have fun with music). I have preferred the iZotope Ozone 8 options and recently Limitless - which I avoided for a long time for being multiband. These options deliver a more analog and warm sound to my ears. And about Molot, it is very dark. Any Fairchild emulation is better, I don't like it.
  18. OK, thanks a lot, tdor and Terry! I'll consider all your suggestions!
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