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  1. Cool!!!! Thanks a lot! Very useful as always!
  2. Hello. I had installed version 9.0.3 (10-day free trial) and the loading time of the plugins in Samplitude was impractical. This behavior has been reported in several other DAWS as well. Therefore, I temporarily give up on the product. I will download the trial of this new version. Let's see what will happen...
  3. It seems that the manufacturer of the plugin has accommodated itself. I'm using Windows 10 1903. Would anyone know if the plugin works better in build 1909?
  4. https://www.magix.com/us/support/know-how/tutorial-videos/samplitude-music-studio/ https://www.groove3.com/tutorials/Samplitude-Pro-X4-Beginners-Guide
  5. Sorry, I'm late here... I don't have enough rights to display the work I used for my personal tests, but basically the difference between before / after came through a lot of attempt to calibrate the parameters contained in the "Expert Settings". More specifically, after configuring the "detection (feed-forward <-> feed-back)" with several possible combinations of the "dual-band clip stage", I managed to arrive at a result very similar and close to the iZotope Ozone limiters - mine favorites. We know that limiters react very differently and are very dependent on the program that passes through them, so, aware of this, I set out to run tests just to prove to myself how badly I was being strictly wrong with AM-Munition . For the specific material on which I dedicated myself to do the tests, I was able to witness the potential of this plugin, but I cannot guarantee that this behavior would be repeated with any other material. Still, there is a difference regarding the "low-end" that Ozone delivers that I was not able to fully replicate in AM-Munition. Ozone delivers more weight. iZotope Ozone (Maximizer / Vintage Limiter) has its own signature sound, which I like very much. AM-Munition has a very different infrastructure but, because it is very rich in the possibility of configuration, it has the capacity to offer desired results. My focus was to put AM-Munition against Ozone Maximizer (IRC IV - Modern) and Vintage Limiter (Tube). The latter (Tube) gave me the most trouble, mainly because I was putting a technology based on optical compressors against tube (feed-back) compressors. Sliding the aforementioned AM-Munition parameters to the right cautiously and judiciously, left me in a situation where there were moments during comparisons when I hardly knew how to distinguish one plugin from another. Ozone, however - as already said - delivered more weight and that was a determining differential for me and for those who helped me choose the way forward. But the decision was based on that particular work (heavy metal album), which certainly would not exclude the possibility of a different decision regarding another work material, even if it has the same musical genre. Choosing a limiter is very personal, surgical and occasional decision, in my humble opinion. Therefore, contrary to the mistaken sense that the title of this topic wanted to use, AM-Munition can sound as open ("cold") as it is closed ("warm"): it only depends on the skill of those who are able to master it.
  6. Nice. The title fits perfectly with the song, as always. Good to see you here again.
  7. hehe... thanks, Terry... it took me a loooooooooooong time ... but I finally managed to tame the beast ...
  8. One final addition: after a few hours of ear cleaning and revisiting the projects used, that's right: I'm ashamed to have started this topic.
  9. I would like to take this opportunity to collect back all my words expressed through notorious ignorance. I spent all of this Sunday turning AM-Munition upside down and allowed it to do the same to me. So, it took me a while, but I managed to come to the conclusion that there is no limiter that it can't emulate. I am surrendered. I tried to capture all the saturation that iZotope Ozone "analog" plugins offer and managed to achieve with AM-Munition something close to, I would say, 90%. (90% is a subjective number and maybe flawed, but it serves to express the perfection I would like to achieve). Configurable feed-forward / feed-back detection has a lot to say about the thickness of the sound you are looking for. I thought this department belonged exclusively to the clipper's advanced parameters (saturation). A "warm", "full", "big", "vitaminized", "dense", "combative" and at the same time "clean/intelligible" sound: that was all I was looking for - AM-Munition delivers. I had a certain fear about Opto Compressors (its reputation for delivering a very clean / clear / "cold" sound), but the configuration possibilities offered by the plugin are so great that any hasty criticism is doomed to fall into ridicule. I give myself overdue, surrendered and satisfied. Much more than emulating the sound quality of those plugins, (the iZotope ones) AM-Munition is still ahead, with much more punch - if desired. It would be interesting to see the implementation of some new features, such as the ability to double-click numeric expressions and set the desired quantification without having to move the knobs. This may never happen because the brain behind this fantastic processor no longer works at MAGIX but, anyway, I leave here a record of something available to all Samplitude users that is worth a lot more than many processor packages: definitely, AM-Munition must not be forgotten! I finally managed to make AM-Munition the limiter I was looking for so long ago. So far from here. Just to be registered. Thanks and... apologies...
  10. What a pity! What happened? I hope it is not something serious!
  11. Hey @Philw, what a beautiful, soothing song you composed! The video blends perfectly with the atmosphere of the music and Samplitude appears splendidly in action. I hope you have happiness with this beautiful work, congratulations!
  12. And your website is very cool! The headphone I see there remembers me my good old AKG K240 MKII
  13. Congratulations, mate! Well done! Good luck with your production!
  14. I found an effective way to make Samp/Sequoia open projects loaded with Ozone 9 VST plugins faster: I set up Windows "Task Manager" to force the "Sequoia_x64.exe" to work with realtime priority (see photo below). I have noticed that projects are opening approximately 50% faster than before. I am still analyzing possible side effects on the system (Windows 10 64-bit). So far, however, everything has worked within the normal range. Some Ozone wave charts, however, have been behaving slightly slowly, but nothing that is very obvious - and this should concern the processing limitations of the notebook I'm using. Overall, it's a very decent solution. The only drawback is that this setting has to be done every time I open Sequoia.
  15. Thanks for your answer! How boring! I have seen a lot of people, users of various DAWs, complaining exactly about this delay and the manufacturer does not face the problem? Two, one: either the manufacturer ignores the failure with its VSTs, or is still trying to solve it ... O8 remains the best choice, but the sound quality of the O9 is very seductive! It offers a clarity of detail and an interesting "texture" of very nice saturation, especially in the limiters, both vintage and IRCs. I'm being compelled to use O9 anyway...
  16. Version 9.0.3 was released few days ago. Has anyone tried and felt any improvement in loading the plugins into Samp? Source - https://www.izotope.com/en/products/downloads/ozone_advanced/o-adv-release-notes.html
  17. However, Samplitude still takes a long time to open projects loaded with Ozone 9 plugins. In that respect, Ozone 8 and 7 are perfect. iZotope needs to fix this problem. I see many users of other DAWS complaining a lot about this in various specialized forums. I can't get news about whether or not the company is moving about it, but judging by the complaints, I hope so. Ozone 9, when it works as expected, represents an exciting upgrade.
  18. Ozone 9 takes a long time to be inserted into a plugin chain, but once inserted it opens as smooth as Ozone 8. After some testing, I noticed that there were noticeable improvements in DSP algorithms. For example, the Maximizer IRC IV (Modern mode) now delivers warmer, smoother sound with noticeable detail. Vintage Limiter (Tube mode) features a more "inflated" saturation, which produces a much more "full" sound. As I compare the plugins against the similar ones of Ozone 8 I have the impression that it is a totally new program, and this is very good and interesting!
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