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  1. hi, @hyper.real. Thanks for reading this topic. AM-Munition is a fabulous tool, but unfortunately it doesn't fit on my projects (audio mastering for friends who have fun with music). I have preferred the iZotope Ozone 8 options and recently Limitless - which I avoided for a long time for being multiband. These options deliver a more analog and warm sound to my ears. And about Molot, it is very dark. Any Fairchild emulation is better, I don't like it.
  2. OK, thanks a lot, tdor and Terry! I'll consider all your suggestions!
  3. Hi there, @tdor! Take a look here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/603774-plugs-simulate-sound-analog-transformers.html Yes, I know, thanks. Not my taste. Ozone 8 Maximizer IRC IV and Limitless best meets my needs when the project calls for a multiband limiter. 1 - I don't know either, but I would love to be informed about it. Maybe, the first link I put above has some clues! 2 - Dou you Dopamine? It's an enhancer (not harmonic enhancer), a kind of tape saturator. It delivers a fat, big, analog sound without creating harmonics; it just enhances existing frequencies and does it very well. Very, very cool. Hey, thanks for that! This will be my dedicated reading and research of the night!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I have forgotten Molot in my arsenal, I will do some tests with it again. However, as I recall, it was designed primarily as a compressor, not exactly as a limiter. Moreover, it seems to me that its primary function was to give weight and body to the guitar tracks. At least that's what developer (Vlad) pointed out. I remember that Molot delivered a denser and "darker" sound, but this is a vague memory, I'll see again how it behaves in my projects! Thanks again!
  5. I would like to exchange some impressions here with those who feel comfortable with the theme. A few years ago I had stopped using AM-Munition with all its spectacular arsenal of features, notably as limiter/clipper in the last slot of the mastering plugins chain. Since then, I have preferred to use the alternatives from iZotope Ozone, which has served me very well, especially its Vintage Limiter, which I like very much. However, I recently decided to try AM-Munition again, but in order to fit it better in my projects, I worked through all its parameters until I found "the sound" I was looking for. To my surprise, I found the same reasons that made me move away from it: no matter how I configure it, AM-Munition always delivers a very open and cold sound. "Cold" is the word that best sums up my frustration. I set the compressor, limiter and the saturated clipper in the background, so that the "cold" aspect did not appear. I even abused saturation, hoping to achieve a "warm" quality, but in the auditions of different monitors, the "cold" sound was always a constant, conclusion shared with everyone who was with me. I know the Samplitude's user manual very well, have read the AM-Munition chapter many times, and watched endless times all videos made by Master Kraznet. I know Opto Compressors, by their very nature, deliver considerably "transparent" and "open" sound, which certainly makes them fit many projects. However, in my case, in both pop and heavy metal songs, this virtue makes me avoid the plugin, which is very sad because I am fully aware of its firepower. I sadly put the AM-Munition aside again to return to the Ozone options, that sound much more "analogue/warm" to my ears. Is the delivery of this "cold" sound from AM-Munition - even with its great saturator - a public acknowledgment that I have finally gone crazy, or is it really something to be expected because of its Opto Compressors?
  6. Very beautiful! We can already make a beautiful CD for quiet trips with all your instrumental works. If you authorize, of course.
  7. No. It's Sequoia feature only. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Samp Pro X4 + Windows 10 build 1903 (x6) here. I use WDM with AudioQuest DragonFly in my Notebook. I've never experienced any problem.
  9. The effects with laughter of children with the image of an empty rocking chair became sinister. Very introspective video and audio. Great!
  10. The title perfectly translates the atmosphere of the music; it is a beautiful and very interesting work. The vocal arrangements were excellent and fit perfectly! Very good indeed.
  11. Very nice instrumental work! It reminds me a little of Jean-Michel Jarre. I like very much this kind of music and you did a very good job again. The video is very pleasurable to follow too.
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