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  1. Hi Larry Ah, I thought you were looking to record to a track in loop mode so that when you recorded to the end of the song or to the end a section of a song, Samplitude would automatically rewind to the beginning again for another take over the top of the one already done (like ‘record comp’ mode in Sonar) Thanks for the helpful information Kraznet and Scott.
  2. Thanks Kraznet, that looks a much more elegant solution! I’ll try that next time I’m practising my Samplitude skills! What a great forum!
  3. Hi Larry I’m in the middle of trying to become fluent with Samplitude recording workflow too (I'm a Samplitude newbie from Sonar) and have found Kraznet’s videos very helpful in this respect. The way I understand it is that you set up loop record to do some passes of what you’re recording (lets say it’s a vocal) When you’re done, highlight (select) the vocal takes on the track (it will look like there’s only one) and open up the ‘take manager’. There you will see the takes you’ve done in the loop recording. If you play the project and put a tick on one of the takes in the take manager, that’s the one you’ll hear. The other way is to choose ‘take composer’ in the ‘take manager’. That will open up a new window where you now see the actual vocal takes as objects. (it’s a bit like Sonar ‘lanes’ but it’s in a separate window) There you can pick the bits of vocal that you want to use and comp the takes (similar to Sonar). When you’re done, close the take composer and you’ll be given the opportunity to save your comp. What I would like to see in Samplitude is a straight forward way to be able to just drag the takes and peel them off one by one and put them on separate tracks. The workaround I’ve been trying is to open up the take composer, and in the main VIP window, create some empty tracks and then highlight the takes in the take composer and drag them into the empty VIP tracks. I’m really hoping Samplitude in the future will provide a Sonaresque ‘sound on sound’ recording protocol so that we can record a few takes on the same track and easily move them around. Or, have a menu option to convert takes to tracks, where you right click the takes object and have something like ‘place layers on separate tracks’. Or, while loop recording, the option to ‘record looped takes as new tracks’
  4. Hi Larry I don’t use Focusrite Mixcontrol now, but when I was trying to work out what goes where, I found this video helpful. It’s not Samplitude specific, but may be of help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=M1avPHhiGw8 Terry, thanks for those top tips. I work a Premaster Buss system too and will now try to get a headphones mix working too.
  5. Thanks Philw That’s very helpful. I was unsure about the monitoring settings in preferences and the choices there. So basically, when the recording stage is done and the mixing stage begins, I switch to the first option to save resources. Excellent! … and I’ll set up a shortcut. Happy New Year everyone!
  6. Thanks Kraznet That should do fine as a workaround ... and I could always change the track inputs to a channel to which I have no microphones connected. Thanks again!
  7. Is there an option somewhere to turn the track inputs to ‘none’ after the recording process is done or ongoing? It’s just a little workflow thing I do to keep things neat and tidy and to avoid the possibility of inadvertently turning on monitoring on a mic channel while the monitor speakers are on in the same room and causing feedback. Thanks in advance.
  8. That would be very helpful if you could request this feature. It's very much part of my workflow while recording audio. I find when using this method at the recording stage, it keeps the track count down.
  9. Hi Larry Have you sent signal to your aux buss from the snare track by using the tiny little strip under the aux to adjust the send level? As a newbie Samplituder it took me a bit of time to realise where the send level adjustment was.
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