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  1. I've only been in samp for several weeks after 20 years of cakewalk, and I already like it better. Just sayin'.
  2. Yeah, the tab key was it, I just couldn't for the life of me remember that shortcut! Thanks muchly and happy new year.
  3. Between the track editor and the actual track strips are the channel strips. I keep accidentally hitting some key combination that makes them disappear. I seem to recall that there was a key combination that would do this, but I can't for the life of me remember it, find it in the help files or remember what these channel strips are called in samplitude. Thanks in advance!
  4. Another sonar refuge. Initial impressions of samplitude is that it's better, as I have posted over at CW, although the support and user base is not as deep. Sound forge 11 is bombing on me, though (blue screen), and it hosed my SF10 installation. I uninstalled 11 and reinstalled 10, still blue screen. Is there a SF forum? Anyone here have a clue? (win 7, 12 megs of ram, i7). Thanks! By the way: Thanks kraznet!
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