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  1. It appears there are some ways to set additional buses to be called a 'monitor' bus. Not exactly what I was looking for, but that work around will do. The other option was just to migrate over to Cubase. I also just got a Mackie 'Big Knob,' and with this I can control the volume from two separate outputs from my VS-100. Actually this will work better than having a software volume controller.
  2. Samplitude may attempt to use the Magix low-latency ASIO driver when you first run Samplitude with the VS-100. You can change this to the regular VS-100 ASIO on the splash screen option 'Audio Setup.' I checked the latency of both, and they are about the same, but apparently the Magix ASIO is a WDM wrapper for ASIO4all, or something similar. While it did run fine in Samplitude, switching over to Sonar caused some issues. All the advice I received was just to run the regular ASIO drivers. I never did use the VS-100 with Win8, but it does work well with Win10. Nice way to use the Motif 6! I will take another look at the digital outs for the Motif. One thing I did like when I tried Cubase was that it already had all the instrument setup for the motif since it was a Yamaha product. The foot pedal I use with the VS-100 is the Boss FS-6. It took just a little configuration in Samplitude to get it working. I could send you the .cpsxml file for the changes I made if you want. It isn't perfect, as I only mapped out the basic transports for the foot pedal.
  3. I intermittently use my headphones and my studio monitors. I see where the Solo/Monitoring Bus can be set to an output and volume controlled with the Monitoring Volume knob. Fine. I can set the output of this to my headphones and control the volume with the Monitoring Knob while leaving the Master fader at unity. Occasionally I like to use my studio speakers. The output of the Master bus can be set to these speakers, but I cant see any simple way to control the volume on the computer screen. this is where I like the 'Control Room' in Cubase, as I can easily setup as many Monitoring buses and easily switch between them. In Sonar I could set up sends off of the Master Channel to control volume to both headphones and speakers. I dont see a way to set up sends off the Master Bus in Samplitude. Is there a way to set up another Solo/Monitoring Bus to allow me to control the speaker volume in Samplitude? Thanks for your responses! Somehow I think I am missing something very simple here!
  4. Excellent and to the Kraznet point videos. My guess is that someday, instruction videos will be called Kraznets. Thanks!
  5. Glad you stopped by! I have had both pieces of equipment for quite some time. The VS-100 works well with Win 10. I do have the VS100 setup as a control surface mostly for the foot pedal. I use it for play/stop and recoding when I am both at my desk and remote for voice and guitar. The Motif 6 has been with me for awhile as well. I don’t quite utilize all the outs or any of its sequencing capabilities. AZSlow ‘s ACcontroller made it possible to use it as a control surface as well, but that was more a lesson in what was possible. I had been trying to use that as a control surface for years. Now it’s big function is as a keyboard, as I have the MCU pro. I also got TouchOSC connected to Samplittude. Some of which I enjoy the challenge. Many wishes to your ongoing endeavors to making music! bart
  6. Hello, and thanks for the download. It all took awhile, as I had to make a MEGA account, download their desktop software because of the size of the file, and the download itself. I had originally gotten the DVD's as my broadband isn't all that broad!. I then had to copy all 9 DVD's to my hard drive, and then replace the 'corrupted' file with your file. Then reinstall everything. It appears to have all gone well, as the couple of Independence programs that I tried loaded appropriately. Thinking about all this, I remember that Samplitude crashed several times when I was originally installing the Independence content through the Independence menu while Independence was a loaded synth in a track. Then I discovered or read that you could install the content under the Independence content installation path without Independence being opened. thanks again. I will be looking at some of your videos on Samplitude operations over the next week. balinas
  7. Hello. First time user of SamplitudePRO X3. Everything is installed. I am up and running with audio and midi through my Sonar VS-100 interface. I can load Independence and play midi notes to it from my Yamaha Motif classic 6. I can hear the notes over speakers or headphones. Running through the different Independence PRO instruments I have noticed that a few give me a 'Cannot load file' box followed by 'corrupted or unknown file format.' Most instruments play just fine. I have tried to attach a screen shot of these no-go boxes. Most of the ones that wont play seem to be found on Content Image File 05 and tend to be percussion instruments. I have run checkdisk on my hard drive and no bad sectors were found. How do I try to get playable files into these sectors? Do I have to delete the whole 10G + of instruments? What procedure is the most efficient way to re-install these? Frankly sitting through the many install DVD's wasn't a whole lot of fun to do! Or is it possible to that one of the DVD's is 'bad?' your advice is most appreciated! thanks, balinas
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