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  1. When I was trying to get my Roland FA06 Synth to work with Sam Prox 3.....I must have changed some setting, and now each time I start up Samplitude x3 I get this error message pop up: "SysEx input is globally disabled! Do you want to enable SysEx input now?" I just click NO. SHOULD I CLICK YES to fix it???????? Thanks
  2. For us newbies running Windows 10 on laptop PC, what would best good settings to start with: buffer size, sample rate and bitrate? In my case I have AMD processor and 8GB of RAM. Thanks PS: I read an interesting article by a pretty top-end producer and he uses 48kHz/24 bit. He has used this on some BIG albums by BIG artists. He does a ton of work for TV now and still uses those settings??????
  3. Thank you all, I am now coming down with one heck of a wicked cold.........so I feel your pain, and MOJO to all.
  4. I am pulling my hair out trying to get Samplitude x3 to do something I am sure is easy to do: I have a guitar track recorded....fingerpicking repeats every 4 bars......I have recorded 58 bars.......a few bars have errors, so I simply want to cut out those 4 bar ranges. What I have tried to do is this: 1) mark start of the 4 bar range and end of 4 bar range....highlight the range....then cut and delete that object...GREAT...the 4 bars with mistake disappear......NOW here is weird part: I go over and pull the rest of the track back to cover up the missing range I just deleted...and ???? Samplitude puts the same range I just apparently deleted back in?????? What the heck am I doing wrong????? Any help would be greatly appreciated by this newbie.
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