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  1. \o/ i love Bob! what a cool guy ... all that experience here on this Magix board! bookmarked,im an hour and 30 mins in ... gonna watch it from the start tomorrow
  2. lol,(edit:-lol is for post 2 in this thread )just logged in ... this is my background music now while i browse thanks
  3. saw "Almost everything is played by the Independence sampler" then had to listen nice track,good work
  4. Just clicked it,juuuuuust to see \o/ have the option to kill a single members post,or all signatures Guess which i clicked now all sigs have gone ... to get them back its a button in "settings" "signature"
  5. not really no,just some user error of me :- i duplicated a section a few times pressing "D" .. but it didn't loop well,so i set the snap to full bar,made sure that the object was adjusted to full bar (it was slightly short - but i didn't notice till i looped) after that "D" worked perfectly .. maybe this is your problem ?
  6. this sounds great! .. nice work
  7. sounds like what i get if i use the "magix low latency" driver .. or if i use bad settings for "Performance" and "extended buffer settings" (press Y then look for "system options") - these can get worse when live monitoring as also used im currently testing Samplitude 5,and have found the default ASIO settings work well for me (i then imported my settings from an earlier Sam4 test into sam5,she works even better!) Magix low latency driver is kinda ASIO4all - a fallback for when the supplied ASIO drivers for your card have a problem (or as a last resort if no ASIO drivers are available) ...
  8. that was the scene i thought of when first hearing the sad news nice tribute
  9. tracks not "live" can be set to economy (some cannot be economy - but sam will tell you this = freeze these if needed) your live track (the one your playing into) use with no changes ... Sam has (kinda) 2 audio engines ... 1 the "normal" ASIO of other daws (fast,for real time low latency) 2nd the higher buffer setting secondary (slower,larger buffer) when you set track economy,the track will use secondary engine to pre-calculate effects ... lets say secondary calculates FX 4 seconds in advance this means the "normal" ASIO buffer is under less load (cos the fx have been calculated 4 seconds already,then "normal" ASIO only has to process the output of secondary,not the whole chain) so,if you have a very fast cpu .. then it will out-run the ASIO driver engine (give to much data to ASIO driver,while showing little CPU usage) .. Sam having 2 audio engines means you can use unused CPU cycles to pre-calculate track chains - while maintaining low latency freezing tracks is no doubt best to free up CPU .. but sometimes is not necessary (depends on project ... but is good Sam has many options for control)
  10. hey Terry thicko me forgot to mention that FX use a lot of cpu .. so freezing just the FX and buss channels (on tracks your currently not using "live" - i.e not the Native Instruments piano your actively playing) can save a lot of cpu (maybe try that first when you hit a ceiling?)
  11. have you looked at economy tracks? .. they use Sams larger secondary audio buffer to pre-compile effects ... takes strain off the main ASIO buffer,then freeze tracks that cant be made economy
  12. Pilyser is cool ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,you like the same as me i use the method i posted above,and have an isolation cabinet connected (Box with a speaker in,soundproofing = ISO cab) .. i also take a feed from the send of the amp (send on amp = pre-amp out) and send this to Kefir (an Impulse loader plug = IR loader) in the daw ... i can mix in the sound of the 2 mics also .. if wanted i also use another 2 stand alone valve pre-amps,and send those to Kefir on other channels (this is totally silent in the room) the switching to pre-amps or big amp (with ISO box) is done in the daw ... (you are able to pick which multichannel hardware outputs you want to use) there are problems you will come across using this method,but you *are* recording the DI,so can change at will later ... oh! just in case anyone reads this and doesn't know, NEVER run a valve amp without a load = KA-BOOM!!! i say Kifir cos that's the IR loader i had the least trouble with
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