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  1. I asked about this a while ago and someone said it broke in one of the updates or something.
  2. I always used 48/24 but changed to 44/24 since getting the ProX3 bundle deal, because Sound Forge doesn't seem to like 48k. The funny thing is i don't even think i'll use Sound Forge, but hey i paid for it so...
  3. I think C: drive is the only option with most of the install programs. You can use junctions after installing to move large content to another driver or partition, which you can read about on another thread i think. I did a fresh Windows install for ProX3. If you're not already doing it, i recommend using a partition image program so you can make a nice tidy install that is easy to restore if things go wrong. Windows 7 and 10 has this built-in (Backup and Restore).
  4. Samplitude has an interesting mix of users, assuming this was recorded by Christine in Samplitude?. Nice to see musicianship is still alive even though i don't personally play live in public anymore.
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