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  1. Danke Werner, freut mich dass Du mir helfen wolltest, das war in der Tat Arbeit. Aber es war nicht ganz so einfach wie Du beschreibst:
    Irgendwie waren keys in der registry im Klo. Hier Anweisungen, falls so was mal passiert:
    SysinteralsSuite runterladen, dann dort rein CDen, cmd als admin starten, folgendes eingeben.
    psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe
    Dann kannst Du selbst jeden Key, auf den Du nicht (mal als admin) zugreifen kannst, ändern. Dann z.B., Administrators als owner eingeben. Full Control, etc, bla bla bla

    In English: If you ever run into an issue with access to registry keys being denied have a look at: https://www.kapilarya.com/fix-an-error-is-preventing-this-key-from-being-opened
    Download Microsoft's SysinteralsSuite, open cmd as admin, cd to that folder SysinteralsSuite folder and enter: psexec -i -d -s c:\windows\regedit.exe
    Fix you registry as you need, add "Administrators" as user with Full Control - AND STAY AWAY FROM REGISTRY CLEANERS, that's all BS and causes more harm than good.

    Cheers, Thomas

    Ps. Good to know about Everything, I am using Ultrasearch by https://www.jam-software.com/

  2. When I try to re-install, I am receiving an error 1603, access to a key in the registry denied. I tried to claim permissions for that specific key by all means. No chance, no access. Because there is somewhere a 1 instead of a 0, I am not spending the next week to re-install a complete system. :huh: Thanks for helping TotteG

  3. Well, I have X3 installed, I just wonder why some files load and some don't. Without any noteifications, where is the Logic in that? I can load the Vita instruments, too. No restrictions.
    I have the impression X5 is more stable than X3, with X3 I don't get far without crashing. Some days are better than others. Thanks Werner, (I have a Humpen with  Wilhelmshöhe on it, bought it here in TX, such a great park)


  4. @TotteG Hi Thomas,

    I have Independence, got this from customer service. For example, X5 does not load "Independence Content Image File 10" - even when I use the find function in Indi and point directly at that file.

    Try to load, from the Pro Suite, 03 Acoustic Bass / Upright Bass 1 BIG Key-Switch A-1, or anything below that list.

    The Mexican Bass loads.

    Thanks, also Thomas

    Ps. I cannot recall how I downloaded those 70GB image files for Independence, it must be so obvious that I did not take any notes. Maybe the file is corrupt, or not registered properly.



  5. 14 hours ago, potscrubber said:

    I was getting this (crashed Sequoia as soon as it got to a midi note).  I noticed it was pinning a processor core.  I went into Independence preferences and changed the multi-core support to OFF.  No more crashes with memory read error.  Note this setting is across all types of Independence (VST, standalone etc).

    Thanks! Will enable this. On another note, I updated Windows to 1903 and this behavior was gone.

  6. Vlad got that limiter, too: https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plugins/limiter6/

    Here a thread that may be interesting for you: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/373765-diy-transformer-box-add-color.html

    Look at pre-amps with Transformers (Metric Halo), or the B2 Bomber ADC (Burl Audio), both use Jensen Transformer to add some mojo.

    Is there a plugin out there that simulates transformer sound?

    Edit 1: One wrote in the above linked thread " Transformers can do things like this: saturation, adding punch, overtone enhancment, phase shift, resulting in a more 3D sound, by letting the high frequencies later through the transformer...you can´t do this with plug-ins this great and natural." - that was March 2009 - no plugin like this on the market by now?

    Edit 2: WAVES advertising, but gives some useful explanations: https://www.waves.com/add-harmonic-distortion-for-analog-warmth


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