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  1. Thank you Kraznet for your reactivity here. I am disappointed though, but hope it will be fixed soon...
  2. Have a working Pro X5 and a working Spectralayers 6 even with ARA 2 in Reaper but in Samplitude have this Error message saying that it could not load the .dll I have kept everything default concerning install path... and the folder is existing with the demanding file on my drive, so no clue yet... Sorry wrong forum for this post.
  3. You can listen to the sound bank in the project now from web player here : http://www.mixagefou.com/spip.php?article268 I have included an option to download each separate sound in full quality (24bit 48kHz) Hope these sounds will inspire you
  4. Of course no problem. You can use hardware sampler with outboard gear or go software only or a mix... The idea is to push creativity forward out of a selection of dedicated sounds. Be carefull of the max duration limited to 80 seconds : it is not that easy...
  5. Hi all, I am sharing a Samplitude X3 /X4 project with 1.2 Go of free sounds (under creative commons) created for the project called Mixage Fou. The idea is to create a sound creation of 80 seconds out of these sounds only (transformations allowed). There are some good partners that come with the project (ie : Nagra, Genelec, Flux::, Ircam, GRM Tools, Merging...) It is not a classic contest : each partner will listen to all creations individually and they will retribuate their own favourite with a prize (no jury concertation) All you have to do is download the project here (direct link) : http://www.mixagefou.com/spip.php?article214 And upload at www.mixagefou.com when you are ready before march 21 I am staying here if you want more details Happy creation !
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