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  1. No georgob, in Samplitude Pro X6 we do not find that!
  2. Thank you Terrybritton. The version is at home 3.3.095. To update Independence (it seems complicated by the forum) must go to Magix Pro Audio Downloads - Service Center and charge the soft? I am under Samplitude Pro X6 Suite and I do not remember having a specific license for him!
  3. Of course, all this is possible very easily. I advise you to spend some time reading the manual. You will learn a lot about the samplitude
  4. Hi, I hang up at this post. I have been using Independence 70G for a very long time today in Pro X6. But ... I do not know how to do to see the version and are there updates?
  5. Thank's florent and georgob
  6. Georgob, is not difficult but I did not find The Macro Command List! clarification ?
  7. Hi Happy Mike, Bravo for this realization. I also use Independence but not in the same proportion as you. A question that has nothing to do with your music: how do you do to put a visual in the background of Soundcloud? Thanks for your answer. Didier
  8. I'm on X4, the problem certainly comes from X5
  9. At home in 15 years of time, this has never happened to me. Many other adventures but not this one. I reached with Samplitude Pro X4 following a very good level of stability and more crashes
  10. I hang on to this. I am currently working with Samplitude Pro X4 suite and considering this topic I have looked at the version of Independence. This is version 3.3.095 with 70Gb. Is it possible to update and if so how? Doesn't there risk to be conflicts then with old VIP projects? Merci d'avance
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