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  1. Hehe no I guess not, I added a picture of how I made it below. Yes, everything plays during playback and editing - just not when I export it. All are routed to 1+2 (speakers) It says Microsoft GS in the midi drum editor?
  2. Hi Tonminister I initially recorded it with my drumkit - Roland TD1, but deleted it and rewrote it in the midi drum editor. I haven't downloaded any plugins not use VST's on anything but the keys (but they work) Droqles
  3. Hi, I'm using "Samplitude Pro X2 Silver (64-Bit)" and when I try to export my song I get all sound except for the Midi drums that I have made. I tried a lot of options, but I really can't seem to get it to work. And the keys midi I used gets exported just fine. Please help, Best regards Droqles
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