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  1. Incredible! Sound comes from the phones only?
  2. I'm sorry I can't comment on Quicktime export as we stopped using Quicktime when Apple stopped Windows support. Does the same bug happen with MPEG2 export, too? Sequoia 15 soon will provide an option for MP4 export, it's currently new in the Beta.
  3. Hi BX, is Sequoia 13 in your signature still true? Sequoia 15 is the current version. What are your settings for video export, which format do you use? Which software do you use for video playback? Best, Ulrich
  4. Where are all the U-HE synths, haha... Great stuff! Did you edit the drums after recording, or did you work without MIDI editing?
  5. I understood that with Windows 10 S it's still possible to upgrade for free to Win 10 Pro on the Surface Go. No option for you? There will be a small Surface Pro in our family soon - let's see wether it can take Samplitude somehow...
  6. Is it possible for you to log in in the support area and download and install the suitable patch file manually?
  7. Ist das geil... So genau nehmen wollen wir es mit der Nachbildung von Vintage-Effekten dann lieber doch nicht. Gibt's da auch einen versteckten Dither-Parameter? Die Bit-Reduktion hört sich ziemlich ungedithert an. (Erinnert mich an Zeiten, an denen ich mit einem DSP-Board in Assembler selbst Bitreduktionen programmiert habe - klang auch so wie der beschriebene versteckte Parameter...)
  8. Which way did you contact tech support?
  9. Ich würde mich mit dieser Frage einfach direkt an den Support wenden.
  10. For understanding the influence if these two buffers it might help 1. to activate "Show project tooltips" and "show extended poject tooltips" (system options / progam / general) 2. to activate ASIO and 3. to move the slider on the first page of the system options: A overview is displayed. (The manual also contains this view, as well as further explanations on the buffers) In Hybrid engine mode the VIP buffer is only important for object FX processing. So if you feel your object FXs drive your system too hard (CPU consumption too high) you might try to raise the VIP buffer size in order to solve your problem. If you feel your mixer FX drive your system too hard you might try to raise the ASIO buffer size (ASIO driver settings). The latter will result in higher latency.
  11. Thanks for sharing. What did you do with Sequoia what samplitude isn't capable for?
  12. I remember I had a similar problem with a laptop, no special soundcard. I used asio4all and had problems to make the audio audible. In the end it was a matter of choosing the right setting of the asio4all driver in order to route the audio to the right physical output, which wasn't really obvious.
  13. Driver configuration? Which audio device / driver do you use?
  14. I sometimes do non-standard installs, therefor I can say that this is working very well. Please just check the install paths once more, it really should work. Install includes both, 32 and 64 bit versions of Samplitude - there are two different exe.files for distinguishing between 32 and 64 bit. When installing to D drive you probably want to have the user data (second path of the install dialogue) more or less at the same place, that's possible, just define an own path for it.
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