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  1. HI Simon, I'm up the road in AK and mine arrived yesterday. It looks nice in its box, which is where it will stay for a while.

    Cheers  WL

    1. potscrubber


      Hi Wayne.  Thanks..  yes mine too.  Happily, they do ship them out quite briskly.  I'm in a bit of down-time so I think I'll jump in.  The boxes are getting blacker!  I thought the graphic design for v11 and associated materials was pretty cool.  I miss it (so shallow...).

    2. Wayne.Laird


      That's interesting, I can't actually remember 11. I started on 6 I think, have forgotten them all. I do have to open v12 (32) to use Renovator, and I'm always very happy graphically speaking to get back to 13. 12 looks clunky as hell. I'm sure it worked OK, but...

      Will be most interested to see 14 but have too many jobs in progress to go to the trouble for a few weeks.



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