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  1. In about 15 days. Spyros
  2. Although I can't imagine what could multi language means for skins, No multi language. Everything is in English. Regards, Spyros
  3. Hi all, 3 of Birdline skins family are now available for Music Studio 2008. These are the Classic Suite, the Default Suite and the Elegant Suite. They all include skins for: VIP/Track Editor, 2 Transport skins, 4 Mixer (1280X1024, 1440X900, 1600X1200, 1680X1050), 2 Toolbar icons (colour/monochrome), colour profiles. More info here: Birdline skins web site Here is a screenshot at Birdline skins forum Birdline skins forum Best regards, Spyros
  4. You can download the updated version of Birdline Skins. (using your personal ID). The buttons for Group/Ungroup are across Aux section at right end of mixer. May be you have minimized that section. Best, Spyros
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