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  1. I'd like to share with you some music made using Samplitude. Arcadia 1 is an album of instrumental electronica made by an artist based in Shanghai. Check it out on your favourite digital platform, and get release details over at Stolen MIrror. I posted an article today, explaining some of the background behind the album, but I'd like to expand on that here with more Samplitude details. The entire mix and master was performed in Samplitude, starting with stem files from the artist. These already had a good deal of track processing, so I didn't need to use the Analogue Modelling Suite as I would on acoustic instruments or raw sounds. I only used am|track for compression, since I can engage the tape saturation and get a subtle sound. I love what can be done with the Vintage Effects Suite, but the simpler core effects are useful as well. I use EQ116 exclusively for equalisation. When it comes to delay effects, especially useful on sequencer sounds, I turn to either the plain Jane plugin, Essential FX Stereo Delay, or Ecox for subtler sounds. On this record I used a lot of filter modulation (Filtox) and chorus/flanger effects (Corvex) to add "life" to the tracks... which really boils down to change over time. The only external plugin I used was Valhalla's VintageVerb, which fit the ambient organic sound perfectly. Multiband Dynamics and Advanced Dynamics were often the only two plugins on the master bus. Extra instrumental sounds were added using the Vita plugins. Organ and string ensemble were particularly useful. A technique I use extensively is to create a submix bus and route similar sounds to it. For example, if there are five tracks acting as pads, these might all go to a PAD submix. Then I can process this bus as one entity, often with a compressor to "glue" the sounds together. It also helps with the mix, since one line of automation on the submix can often do the work of several separate curves. I hope you enjoy the result!
  2. The OP has a valid concern and responses like "get used to it" are unproductive. It would be much better for file management, backup etc. if all the clutter files could be stored in one location. It is not a complicated matter of coding to achieve this. In fact, it's trivial. This would also be good in cases where read-only media are being used. I would like to second this as a feature request.
  3. The demo version appears to require an internet connection, which I do not have on my studio computer. Is there a full download available somewhere hidden on this site?
  4. Given the lack of Samplitude info on the web, I have started to collect useful info on my site, the theatre of noise. You can link directly to the FAQ or the resources page. I hope that this helps some of the users out there. ----- robin noisetheatre.blogspot.com
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