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  1. Yeah,....the very very basic video in Sam is what's holding me back from doing a full conversion from SX. I'll still be using SX 3 for as long as I need to score to picture...works great and fast... but for simple audio recording, it's Sam or Pro Fools for me...
  2. I'm guessing you have something like Matrox Powerdesk because I had that problem until I unchecked "centre dialaog and message boxes" under Powerdesk Desktop management . Regards Kraznet dibnabit! I think you may be right! I'll take a look when I get to the studio! thanks!
  3. Hi folks. Running Sam 9 here, for the first day.....AWESOME!!! Anyhoo, I have a triple head Matrox P750, and I have my VIP window in the center, mixer and transport on the right monitor, and WANT to keep the object editor open on the left monitor. But everytime I select a different object, the editor window disappears and re-appears in the middle monitor. How can I make it stay on the left monitor? PS: when is the slow/lagging screen re-draws going to be fixed? thanks!
  4. Hi folks. Another SX user here just jumped the ship to Sam 9! Who-hoo!! thank you...thank you... Anyway, I'm registered as a user of Sam Pro 9 and Sam Master 6, but I can't access the Sam user's forum.... help?
  5. WOO-HOO!!! My New Sam 9 arrived today! Awesomely excited to install!
  6. I've been wondering that forever too! It seems like no one here uses the MCU.
  7. Is there a list of new/improved things for Sam 9.1? I'm curious to see what's coming down the line!
  8. Well, I did it! Jumped off the 'ol Steiny ship and ordered Sam 9 from Eric at Synthax Canada.... Since we don't have phones, I had to use tried-and-true smoke signals. It took a while for Eric to get the message, as the wind was rather strong that day... I can't wait until we get morse code over telegraph lines....that's exciting! PS: Can Samplitude run under steam power?
  9. Hi folks... anyone get their super $399 deal from Synthax? I've been trying for the last week (credit card in hand) and I'm getting no response from Synthax Canada??!
  10. uh-oh....So then Jamstix won't output it's MIDI info correctly?!
  11. Hi folks... I remember hearing somewhere that Sam 9 comes with Magix video editor software?! Is that true? if so, can we use that to generate streamers for cueing foley and ADR? I can't see myself bying a new Mac and $3000 for VirtualVTR Pro! anyone? cheers rich PS: or, if you have another suggestion?
  12. Thanks Ric for your reply! You are right about what you said! Us Cubase users need to work with if for a bit and then start asking! However, I was perhaps addressing those who have used it for a bit. I am definitely planning on ordering the crossgrade soon! $399 usd is a deal to me! Say... what do I need to get it? I have SX 3.1 manual around here somewhere. I hear that I need to send a copy of it or something. Thanks guys, Jamie P.S. Anyone else who has used Samp 9 Pro for a bit and would like to chime in? The best way to get the details is from the source. I would recommend giving my man Jeff Peterson at synthax (U.S. & Canada distributor) a call. He is right friendly chap and has the full knowledge. Here is his phone: 330.259.0308 x107 I will PM you his full contact details, as posting it here would make him susceptible to spam bots. The synthax.com website still says $599 for x-grade to sam pro? and the synthax.ca (canada) website doesn't even have an online shop. How can us Canadians get the super duper x-grade deal? cheers rich
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