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  1. Hi there. Recently I have been unable to reply to a post or create a new one using Microsoft Edge. After typing and clicking "Submit Topic" or "Submit Reply", the message does not load and freezes. Something similar has also happened to me with Safari, in this case it was possible, but very slow. Has anyone had a similar problem? I am using Opera now. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, that could be the reason, but still the portable version of this site needs a fix ASAP. Grüsse!
  3. Hi there. Recently I got a warning from Microsoft Edge (Chromium) about this site: It's possibly to do something about it? Cheers!
  4. tlwebb, if you have something important to add to this topic, I would be more than pleased to read it. Keep this kind of comments for yourself, will you?
  5. Auf Deutsch vielleicht besser? Thanks for your answer. Making corrections in one object (track) with elastic audio, save the changes and apply to the rest of the tracks, does not work? It's a little bit complicated. In ProTools I can select a region and correct the pitch, but not possible in SAM...
  6. Hi there! I'm working on a five tracks session, just one instrument recorded with five microphones. I would like to apply some pitch correction with elastic audio but i can't correct all the tracks simultaneously, even if I select all five objects (tracks), elastic audio only works with one track at the time. Is it possible to apply elastic audio (pitch correction) to all tracks simultaneously? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks tlwebb, That was exactly the problem. SOLVED.
  8. Well... may be it's not a simple question after all, is it?
  9. Hi. Sorry for this simple question. I'm using Samplitude Pro X and just accidentally I've closed the Peak meter windows and I can't find the way to get it back. Can somebody tell me how to get the peak meter back, please? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I just wanted to inform this board and any other who ever run into this problem that I've solved this AAF/OMF export "issue". The only way it worked for me was under this settings: I was able to export my whole Samplitude session into ProTools without problems. Just to be clear, ONLY the basics are being exported: Crossfades and markers (without names) are there. Not a big deal for me since it's the only thing I needed. If you need a better export of your Sam sessions, I recommend to use "AATranslator" I would like to thank Runaway for the time and the free conversion and especially the people of MAGIX Pro Support who guided me to solve this issue. Greetings! SOLVED!!
  11. Thanks a lot! No automated message till now. I'll check it out! EDIT: Never mind. It came as spam.
  12. Yeap! Nuendo 4 handled much better OMF than AAF files, at least the ones exported by Samplitude. Even importing the audio files alone, Nuendo shows clicks and crackles. I think it can not handle properly the 24bit mono wave audio file. Samplitude doesn't show any digital clicks or crackles.
  13. Could you post the import log of ProTools? Georg Kann man machen. Oh... hier ist das Englisch Forum, Verzeihung! I will as soon as I get my hands on Pro Tools again. I don't have Pro Tools, that's why I have to do all this conversions. Thanks!
  14. Hi! Before I say thanks again to the people of AATranslator for the free conversion, I just wanted to add some more information about this subject and the problem of converting project files between different DAWs. I've been reading and searching for an explanation, because many people (like Bob Olhsson) had success importing OMF/AAF files. As I said, that was not my case. For this reason I've decided to experiment myself a little bit, downloading demos and talking to friends in order to use different DAWs. I've tried so many programs that I almost forgot: Sony Sound Forge 10 Pro Tools 8, 9 & 10 (Mac) Presonus Studio One 2 Adobe Audition CS5 & CS6 Nuendo 4 Cakewalk Sonar X1 And of course, Samplitude Pro X, but that doesn't count since it's my main source. What I did: I exported an OMF file (not embedded) of my project (7 mono channels, 44.1Khz, 24Bit) with Samplitude Pro X and imported it with all of the applications I've mentioned above. The results were rather disappointing... First of all, I couldn't rely on Sound Forge 10 or Presonus Studio One 2, since they do not support OMF files... perfect! Adobe Audition CS5 & CS6, as well as Sonar X1, crashed trying to import the OMF file generated by Samplitude. All the Pro Tools versions I was able to try (8, 9 & 10) reported an error trying to open the same OMF file (DigiTranslator included). At this point I was thinking that, may be, the OMF file generated by Samplitude was not right! So, here is the thing... The only application able to import that OMF file was Nuendo 4. Victory!! As Runaway already reported, just the basics were imported (Not even the markers!), but all the clips, cuts and crossfades were there. Not a big deal for me, since that is exactly what I wanted, but Nuendo showed a few digital clicks that were not present in the original Samplitude project. That all being said, I think AATranslator was the best solution. A "must have" for a studio working with different DAWs. Thanks again Runaway for the conversion! Greetings!
  15. It worked perfectly with AATranslator. Thanks a lot! Greetings.
  16. Yes it will output a PT5 file which contains far more detail than any AAF or OMF and can be read by later versions of PT An AAF or OMF is great if 1. You really only want the very basics converted - and I mean the basics No markers, no fade types, no bpm, no gain , pan or mute automation/envelopes, etc, etc 2. You think it might have a chance of being read by another daw 3. you like to live life on the edge You can send me your VIP and/or your EDL Your choice Ok, Ok, Ok!!!! Before I send my vip file I wanted to eliminate other possibilities. Thanks!
  17. It worked for me with Pro Tools 10.0 and the first version of Samplitude Pro-X. I haven't tried it with later versions. That's god! May be you can help me. Is I said above, my session is a 7 channels (mono) 44.1Khz, 24Bits. I put all the audio material in the beginning of the session and right after the editing (Cuts, crossfades, etc...). For the AAF export I've disabled all plug-ins and automation to avoid any kind of incompatibility. I think I've tried all the setting possibilities... non of them worked. Do you have any extra advice for this settings? I've made my session with Sam Pro X (64bit) on Windows 7 Ultimate and I would like this session to be imported into ProTools 10 (Mac OS).
  18. I tank you all for the answers. Sorry, not true. PT supports 32bit float since version 10, so you can export 32bit files from Samp. Since the original material is 24bit, I've no need to convert it into another bitrate. I live it exactly as it is. The recording is a 7 mono channels, 44.1KHz, 24bit. Unfortunately AAF is an even bigger marketing con than OMF and it is even more poorly implemented by most daws. This is not just the fault of these daws but lets save that for another time. AATranslator is your best bet but if this is just a one-off then you can always take advantage of our conversion offer. Send us your VIP or a Samplitude EDL (or both) and we will convert it for you and if you are happy with the results then you can just make a donation via our web site. You decide the amount and if eventually you end up spending the equivalent of a licence we will just give you a licence. AATranslator That would be great! But I've seen that AATranslator exports only pt5 files (ProTools 5). Well, I'm sure that ProTools 10 can open old PT files, right? If I send you my VIP file and you convert it to pt5, the audio files root remain unchanged, right? That means the recording studio should get the converted file with the audio folders without alterations, right? Anyway I've seen in other forums a few successes exporting AAF with Sam and importing it with PT 10... not my case unfortunately. Thanks!
  19. First of all: Hello (After a long time!) I'm sorry if this question was answered before. I've performed a search but no luck. I use Samplitude Pro X. Recently we made a recording of classical music and I was in charge to select the whole material and make the edition. For the audio mastering we would like to give the full material to a recording studio, and of course, they work with ProTools 9 & 10. I've made an AAF/OMF export of my entire session with Samplitude but ProTools could't open the file. I've tried all the combinations in the export settings but no luck. Which options do I have? AATranslator? Greetings!
  20. Ja, vielleicht. Ich weiß es nicht genau wie das Music Studio Skin Ordner eingebaut ist. Sind PNG oder BMP Dateien? Nicht die Dateiendung umbennen. PNG und BMP sind verschiedene bild Formate. SAM 10 akzeptiert PNG (Bild Datei) nicht, deswegen muss man auf BMP konvertieren.
  21. Ich nutze das Camo (SAM 11) Skin in SAM 10. Man muss ein bisschen editieren, das heißt, alle PNG Dateien auf BMP konvertieren; dann die INI Dateien öffnen und jede PNG extension auf BMP ändern. Dann funktioniert das Camo Skin auf SAM10 tadellos. Sorry, mein deutsch ist nicht so gut.
  22. The only way to add some color in the Camo Mixer Skin is editting the "sam_mixer3.png" file (Default: C:\Program Files\MAGIX\Samplitude_11\Bitmaps\Camo). You can do that with Photoshop or any other photo editor. Personally I found the Camo skin very good, but some numbers are very dark, for instance, the equalizer ones. I've changed that too, editting the Mixer.ini file and adding some text color. Now it looks very nice. Talking about the Birdline skins: They are not bad, but there are no difference between them. Classic, flexi, elegant etc... are practically the same, just some color differences. Greetings!
  23. Thanks for your reply! I'll try your suggestion. I'm just interested, which software can I use for that purpose? Greetings!
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